As part of the Partnership’s commitment to improve engagement with members of the community, the Leader of the Council and his Cabinet will be holding a drop-in event at the Riviera International Conference Centre on Tuesday 14 January 2020.

Between 6pm and 8pm you’ll be able to pop in and have a chat with councillors about our current consultations on the proposed 2020/21 budget, the draft Housing Strategy and our new Community and Corporate Plan. Cabinet Members will also be on hand to talk to you about any other issues which matter to you.

This is the first Cabinet Conversation that has been set up and another will be held later in the year. It follows a well-attended Community Conference in September last year which marked the start of a different conversation with the community. After to listening to feedback the Council is now committed to:

  • Changing the culture and embracing a spirit of cooperation and partnership with people, businesses and organisations.
  • Building trusted relationships with communities
  • Improving communication with communities and individuals
  • Encouraging the celebration of the Bay and its people.

The Leader of Torbay Council, Steve Darling, said: “We want to be a Council that supports, enables and empowers our residents, our communities and our partnerships. Communicating with and listening to people is the key. We face increasing demand for our statutory services and increasing costs and we want to work with you to find solutions. That is why we are holding our first Cabinet Conversation. It’s open to anyone of any age who lives in or has an interest in the Bay so please come along and get involved.”

The Deputy Leader of Torbay Council, Darren Cowell, said: “Our promise is to put the community back at the heart of the Council. We want your views on our current consultations, including our proposals for the 2020/2021 budget. Your thoughts and ideas will also help with future decision making and will open up the conversation about how we can work with you and your communities to help Torbay thrive.”

To take part in our consultations please visit consultations.

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