Get ready for the 2019 local elections on Thursday 2 May. Across Torbay:

  • There are 101,000 eligible voters
  • 68 polling stations will be open
  • Over 200 polling station staff will be on duty

On Thursday 2 May 2019 you’ll be able to vote for the people you want to represent you and your ward as local councillors. You’ll also be able to take part in the Neighbourhood Plan referendums when you can decide if you’d like the Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for your area (which have been prepared by Neighbourhood Forums and Brixham Town Council) to help it make decisions about local planning applications.

There won’t be any elections for Brixham Town Council, because all the seats were uncontested, which happens when the number of candidates is the same or less than the number of seats available.

Caroline Taylor, Returning Officer for Torbay Council, said: “Putting a cross in a box might seem simple, but there are plenty of things voters need to consider in order to be ready for May’s local election. Your poll card will tell you the location of your polling station. You can also or go to and enter your postcode to find out where your polling station is. If you are registered, you do not need your poll card to vote, however, we would encourage you to bring it with you to make the process quicker and more efficient.

“Please remember that your vote is yours alone. It doesn’t belong to anyone who intimidates you, tries to bribe you, or pretends to be you. If someone tries to take your vote, or the vote of anyone you know, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or at CrimeStoppers  Opens in a new window .”

Adrian Green, Electoral Commission Regional Manager for Southwest England, said: “Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 2 May. Voters who have opted to vote by post must return their postal ballot pack by 10pm and can hand it in at their polling station if they don’t have time to return it by post.”

Torbay is also preparing for the European Parliamentary elections which are scheduled to take place on 23 May. Polling cards have been posted to eligible voters, so residents are being advised to check they have the right card before heading to their polling station on 2 May.

For more information about the Neighbourhood Plan Referendums, FAQs and links to the three plans visit the neighbourhood plan referendums page.

A list of all the people nominated to stand in Torbay’s local elections can also be found on the elections and referendums page.

You can also contact Torbay’s Electoral Services team by calling 01803 208008 or

If you’d like a recap of how to vote in the local ward elections here's a short video.

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