Torbay’s Director of Public Health, Caroline Dimond, has published her annual report with a focus on physical activity and how Torbay’s Public Health Team, alongside partners, is working hard to get Torbay on the Move.

Caroline Dimond said: “This year’s report is themed on physical activity. Exercise is something that everyone can do and everyone can benefit from whatever their age or circumstances. We all can promote it in our work and personal lives, places of work, and in the work we do in our communities and with our families.

“This year we are being ambitious by setting the target of having 10% of residents more physically active by 2025. I am proud of the work we are currently doing to address physical activity levels, often in partnership with voluntary, private and public sector organisations. However, I also want this report to highlight that we all have a part to play in getting Torbay on the Move.

“Health and wellbeing improvements from being physical activity also saves money with a return of £9 for every £1 spent. So, lots of reasons to get more active!”

This year’s annual report outlines why physical activity is important to Torbay, and how it is important for mental health as well as physical health. It also outlines the benefits of being physically active throughout all stages of life and how much we should be moving. The current situation for Torbay and residents at those stages of life is outlined in the report alongside programmes and initiatives which have been implemented to help get people moving more.

The Director of Public Health Annual Report is a professional statement on the health and wellbeing of Torbay’s population and includes future recommendations to improve health and wellbeing.

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