The owner of an off licence in Torbay has been ordered to pay court costs to Torbay Council following an appeal against the revocation of their Premises Licence.

Off Licence TQ Ltd had their Premises Licence revoked by Torbay Council’s Licensing Sub-Committee following an application by the Police for a review of the licence due to a number of failings and criminal offences.

The case was heard at Plymouth Magistrates Court on the 8 October 2018 where the owner was ordered to pay over £9,200 in costs.

Councillor Vic Ellery, Executive Lead for Environment, said: “The owner of this business appealed the decision of the Licensing Sub-Committee which allowed him to continue trading. The owner did this in the belief that if the company was to lose the appeal, any costs would be ordered against that company which held the Premises Licence and not him. However, where it is appropriate to do so, a Local Authority can apply for costs against an individual and not the company which it did so successfully in this case.

“Not only was the original decision to revoke the Premises Licence an appropriate one based upon the evidence submitted, but the owner is now left without a Premises Licence and an expensive Cost Order.

“We are here to help businesses and are ready and willing to provide advice and support to ensure businesses are run within the law. If individuals believe they can run poor licensed premises, then they risk the same happening to them.”

The success of this case has come from the great multi agency work between the Police and Torbay Council employees.

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