A current road widening scheme to the A3022 Brixham Road, Paignton, which forms part of Torbay Council’s £11m series of improvements to the Torbay Ring Road, is moving into an important phase which will require traffic restrictions during the summer period.

Due to the nature of the service diversion works, traffic restrictions will need to remain in place during the forthcoming summer period, which while regrettable, is essential to ensure that the works can be carried out in a safe manner.

The phase involves the diversion of a major intermediate pressure gas main, due to commence in July and be completed by October 2018. The gas main is the major supply of gas to Brixham and the south of Paignton, and this diversion work has to be carried out on the live gas main without interruption of the gas supply.

A new 500m long section of 300mm diameter gas main is due to be laid along the entire length of the site. Once this part of the works are complete, it will allow us to undertake the main road construction works.

Executive Lead for Community Services, Cllr Robert Excell said: “I am pleased to see this challenging scheme progressing, however I also appreciate that the works have caused traffic delays at peak times for which we apologise.

“The next phase of the works is pivotal to the construction of the scheme and Wales and West Utilities will be undertaking some technically challenging work to divert this major section of their infrastructure safely and without disrupting their service provision.

“I am aware that there have been some issues with the construction of the retaining structure due to unforeseen ground conditions and this has set the scheme back slightly, however I understand that our engineers are working with the contractors to see if there are opportunities to make up some of this time as the works progress.”

The works are currently scheduled for completion by July 2019. Once this section of widening is completed there will be a minimum of two lanes in each direction along our Ring Road between Tweenaway Cross and the new developments at White Rock.

To date, the works on the £3m road widening scheme between Claylands Cross and Wilkins Drive has mainly been focused on excavation, the construction of new retaining structures and the diversion of numerous utility company services including BT, Western Power, South West Water, Wales and West Utilities (gas) and Virgin media.

The utility company diversions have included works to the main 33Kv electric supplies to Brixham and parts of the South Hams as well as several other lower voltage cables that run along Brixham Road. The diversion of several BT and Virgin Media services is on-going, some of which are fibre optics.

A new 80m long retaining wall has been constructed which has required around 350 soil nails to be drilled up to 6m into the underlying bed rock. This has also required the removal from site of just over 2000 tonnes of soil and rock.


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