Ten local good causes have recently been successful in obtaining a small grant award from the Torbay Lottery Small Grants Fund.

The lucky organisations to benefit are:

  • Great Parks Community Centre - £1000.00
  • Friends of the Vigilance - £800.00
  • Shekinah Grow Paignton - £1300.00
  • Transfiguration - £1000.00
  • Friends of Clennon Lakes - £700.00
  • Play Torbay - £800.00
  • 11th Torbay (Barton) Sea Scout Group - £900.00
  • Pete’s Dragons - £1000.00
  • Imagine Torbay Multicultural Group - £1000.00
  • Devon Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Service - £700.00

Elected Mayor Oliver said “The Torbay Lottery is a great initiative and it is superb that we are able to support local good causes and community groups in this way.”

The Chief Executive of Pete’s Dragons who were awarded a small grant, said: “Torbay is an area in which we find funding difficult to sustain our service but the contributions from the Lottery really have ensured that we can continue to support people in the area. Pete’s Dragons would like to say a huge thank you to Torbay Council in conjunction with Torbay Lottery for the £1000 small grant award and this will help us to sustain our suicide bereavement services in the Torbay area.”

The Torbay Lottery is a Council initiative, empowering local groups to generate vital funds in a fun and effective way, while enabling players to support the causes they care about the most.

108 causes have now signed up and the Torbay Lottery is on track to raise a total of more than £44,000 in its first year. There are now 642 players signed up to the Torbay Lottery and 1188 tickets have been bought.

Draws take place every Saturday night. To be in with a chance to scoop up to £25,000, go to www.torbaylottery.co.uk and sign up today.

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