Update 31 May 2018

The Old Town Hall, Union Street toilets are now open.

Update 29 November 2017

As you are aware the ladies and disabled toilets in Union Street are still unfortunately closed due to health and safety reasons. This is due to a water leak that caused an electrical fault.

This building is not owned by Torbay Council, but the toilets are leased to us, and the owner of the building has now appointed a local building firm to assess the problem and carry out the necessary repairs. A Structural Engineer will also be attending this week to assess the damage to the internal structure of the building.

Once we know the building is safe to enter we can then carry out the necessary repairs to the electrical system of the toilets. 

Further updates will be available towards the end of the week once we have received feedback from the structural engineer.

We apologise for any inconvenience this closure has caused and we are trying our best to get these toilets reopened as quickly as possible.

Original statement from 18 September 2017

The ladies and disabled toilets in Union Street are closed for health and safety reasons. A water leak from private premises above the facility has caused an electrical fault and we’re trying to contact the property owner as a matter of urgency so we can fix the problem. We’re really sorry for any inconvenience and are trying our best to reopen the toilets as quickly as possible.

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