One lucky Torbay Lottery player from Brixham has won £2000 – the first substantial winner since the initiative’s first draw on 27 May. There hasn’t been a jackpot winner yet, but Angela Neil scooped thousands of pounds on Saturday 5 August.

Lottery winner, Angela, said: “To say I am very surprised is an understatement. I think this is the first time I’ve won anything in my life, apart from the odd toiletry gift set at a local fete!

“At first, when I got the email saying I was a winner I thought it’d be a fiver or something; but £2,000! I laughed and thought it must be some sort of joke – a spoof - but no, it’s true. I have something really special I’m going to use the winnings for, but I can’t say because that would spoil a big surprise for someone. So, for now, it’s a secret.”

The Torbay Lottery is a council initiative providing an innovative and sustainable way of supporting local good causes and community groups. It empowers local groups to generate vital funds in a fun and effective way, while enabling players to support the causes they care about the most.

Angela Neil said she signed up to the lottery because she likes to support local, community initiatives: “They really matter and make such a difference. It’s tangible and meaningful. My main driver was because I wanted to support CentrePeace. Having been involved with this local charity for the past few years it seemed like a win-win situation. CentrePeace is a community support centre which was started by some friends of mine over four years ago. Now, four years on, it’s a very successful independent charity with over two hundred volunteers having gifted their time here.”

96 causes have now signed up and the Torbay Lottery is on track to raise a total of more than £42,000 in its first year. There are now 713 players signed up to the Torbay Lottery and 1365 tickets have been bought.

Draws will take place every Saturday night. To be in with a chance to scoop up to £25,000, go to

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