Following a recent parking strategy review and extensive consultation, Torbay Council will be applying for a ‘Stopping Up’ order to the highway along Eastern Esplanade and Pier Approach from Monday 11 September 2017.

By implementing this order, the council will be able to close off parts of Eastern Esplanade and Pier Approach to all vehicles when required. This is exactly what happens now but if the area is no longer a highway the process is quicker and less costly.

If approved this change would allow the authority to better support events held on Paignton Green and community groups using the area. It will also alleviate the need for Devon and Cornwall Police to authorise closure during heavy storms, which occurs in order to protect the public from any debris or danger that may be affecting the seafront.

Executive Lead for Community Services, Cllr Robert Excell, said: “After having consulted with key stakeholders along Paignton Seafront including, Paignton Community Partnership, Paignton Green Users Group, event organisers, and commercial tenants regarding this proposal; the decision has been reached to apply to the Magistrates Court for this order.

“Public access to the area will not change on a day to day basis, nor will the use of Eastern Esplanade by cyclists. The change of status of the area will give the council the ability to open or close the space to ensure the safety of the public and provide a more flexible use of this area."

The ‘Stopping Up’ process means that Eastern Esplanade and Pier Approach will no longer form part of the road network and the existing highway status will be removed. Vehicles will still be able to park on the seafront and the Eastern Esplanade and Pier Approach area will remain in council ownership, as is the case with Paignton Green, with all the normal permissions to pass over the land providing access to the businesses and adjoining landowners and occupiers.

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