Torbay Council and TDA have secured £179,000 from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) to accelerate the delivery of new homes in Torbay.

The Accelerated project, which will be delivered by Torbay Council’s Development Management Team and TDA’s Regeneration Team, working closely with landowners and developers, will help realise plans for an urban extension to Torquay Gateway and additional homes in all three town centres.

Cllr Mark King, Executive Lead for Planning, Transport and Housing, said: “This funding package gives Torbay the ability to accelerate delivery on sites that have been identified in the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plans and on sites, in town centres, that already have planning permission but have not yet been delivered.  This will help Torbay meet housing need, providing job and training opportunities, and support town centre regeneration.”

Development of the sites included in the project will see the delivery of 1770 new homes, of which around 550 will be at Torquay Gateway and over 1100 within town centres. The funding will result in the delivery of around 600 more homes than would be delivered without the funding support, effectively doubling the rate of delivery.

Pat Steward, Town Centres Regeneration Programme Director at TDA, said: “This project fits within a much wider and very positive package of growth and regeneration across Torbay. The Council and TDA have already committed huge resources to delivering growth and regeneration, including significant investment in infrastructure to support growth. That investment, in projects such as the South Devon Highway and town centre regeneration, is already delivering much more investor and home buyer interest in Torbay. Things are really happening in Torbay - it’s a good time to invest.”

For more information about Town Centre Regeneration, email or call 01803 207948.

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