Torbay Council have instructed Keynvor Morlift Ltd to undertake rock armour protection works to the cliff at Hollicombe Beach.

These works are to provide protection to an exposed length of cliff from further potential wave damage during extreme conditions.

The works will be starting this month, with the arrival of a stock pile of amour stones arriving on the 10 and 11 February. The protection works will be completed by Easter, dependent on weather.

Executive Lead for Environment, Councillor Terry Manning, said: “These rock armour protection works are needed to ensure that a length of cliff, approximately 120 meters, does not suffer any more damage during extreme weather. Due to the location, the contractors will be using a supply barge to carry large rock pieces and other material to the beach and they could be working 24 hours a day, as they will need to work with the tides. These kind of works may generate a certain level of background noise but we hope this will be minimal and not have an impact on local residents.”

During these works the steps at the southern end of the beach, leading to the Headland, will need to be closed. Residents will still be able to access the beach using the tunnel in Hollicombe Park.

A Harbour Master Notice will also be in effect during the works.

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