Drivers in Torbay are being urged to check the tread on their tyres as part of an annual road safety campaign.

Torbay Council’s Road Safety Team, in conjunction with Devon and Cornwall Police, are holding a month long Tyre campaign during October 2016.

The campaign, which will run on social media and in the local press, will be educating motorists on tyre safety which will include encouraging motorists to do the 20p check. This check helps you find out if the tread on your tyres are legal and are at the correct and safe depth of 1.6 mm across three quarters of the tyre.

The campaign will also involve road side checks and any vehicles found with defective tyres could receive three penalty points per tyre and a fine of up to £2,500.

Executive Lead Community Services, Councillor Robert Excell, said: “The weather is starting to change and as we approach the winter period I am urging residents to ensure their tyres are ready for the changing weather conditions this season brings. As illegal tyres are known to be a contributory factor in accidents, by ensuring the tread on your tyres is correct you know your car, and your passengers, will be safer during these colder months.”

It is advised you carry out a weekly visual check on your tyres which includes a check of your Air Pressure, the Condition and the Tread Depth. You could do this when you are washing the car or filling it up with petrol and then it can become part of your routine.

Residents are encouraged to join in with this campaign by posting a photo of themselves checking tyres. Use the hashtag #TyreChecks to take part

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