Torbay Council’s Public Health Team is encouraging young adults heading to festivals this summer to get vaccinated.

There have been a significant number of reports made since June of individuals becoming infected with this virus after attending music festivals or events with large numbers of individuals. Therefore young people are being urged to check they have received their two MMR vaccinations.

The symptoms of measles can include: a runny nose; sneezing; watery eyes; swollen eyelids; a cough; a noticeable red rash which spreads across the body; high temperature; small white greyish spots in the mouth; aches and pains; a cough; and a loss of appetite.

For most people who get Measles the virus will clear up on its own in around 7-10 days.

Measles is most common to cause complications in children or those who haven’t received the MMR vaccination. This vaccination includes an immunisation for Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

Executive Lead for Health and Wellbeing and Corporate Services, Councillor Derek Mills, said: “It is so important to make sure you are vaccinated against Measles. This can help keep the virus out of the local community and to ensure those most vulnerable aren’t exposed to Measles and the complications it may cause.”

“Festivals, although great fun, create environments where people spend a lot of time in very close proximity to each other. This makes it even more paramount that you protect yourself from infection.”

To reduce the risk of getting Measles, individuals are encouraged to check that their children and their own vaccinations are up to date. Anyone can have the MMR immunisations at any age to help protect their immune systems and reduce the spread of the virus.

For more information speak to your local GP or visit:

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