Torbay Council is beginning works this week on a new phase to replace areas of decking on Princess Pier. It is expected the project will be completed by Spring 2016.

Previous phases saw the surface decking replaced on the Torquay harbour side and landward side to the North West.

This new project will continue replacing all the hardwood decking on the seaward south eastern section of the pier. The head of the pier will have the surface boarding replaced with any further work to be included as part of a future project.

The work comprises the erection of a safe working platform and the replacement of approximately 440m2 of decking along with the removal and re-fixing of the seating. A specialist coating will be applied to the steelwork below the decking.

A site compound for the contractors MBS Building & Maintenance is to be erected at the landward end.

Executive Lead of Harbours, Councillor Nicole Amil, said: “These works are a necessary undertaking to ensure the safety and structural stability of Princess Pier. The pier is such a popular area for visitors and residents alike, so this work will ensure that it can remain attractive and easily accessible for years to come.”

It is anticipated the pier will remain open to the public for the duration of the works.

For more information contact harbours on 01803 292429 or email

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