Elected Mayor of Torbay Council, Gordon Oliver, has taken the decision on behalf of the council, to set out a resolution supporting action on sugar reduction within our diets.

Gordon Oliver, Elected Mayor, said: “We are eating too much sugar and it is affecting our health. Consuming too many foods and drinks high in sugar can lead to weight gain and related health problems."

Sugar intakes of all population groups, across the UK and in Torbay, are well above recommended levels, contributing to between 12% and 15% of energy. Health related problems include tooth decay, heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and some cancers. Consumption of sugar and sugar sweetened drinks is particularly high in school age children.

Torbay Council’s resolution fully supports the key actions outlined in Public Health England’s report ‘Sugar Reduction – the evidence for action’ and urges the government, industry, the NHS and local government to work together to tackle this issue. The council resolution has been sent to Sarah Wollaston, MP, in support of her campaign.

There are a number of actions that the council will look at taking locally, such as sugar swap campaigns and developing healthy cooking and eating skills in schools. Healthy eating measures are also embedded in the Torbay Healthy Weight strategy, which focuses on action by the NHS and council to tackle the obesity agenda.

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