Torbay Council’s Public Health Team is supporting Public Health England’s appeal to the public, healthcare professionals and students to join the fight against resistance and become Antibiotic Guardians

Antibiotic Guardian, a campaign led by Public Health England urges members of the public and healthcare professionals to take action in helping to slow antibiotic resistance and ensure our antibiotics work now and in the future.

To become an Antibiotic Guardian, people choose one pledge about how they can personally prevent infections and make better use of antibiotics and help protect these vital medicines.

In support of European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD) and the newly announced World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW), PHE are encouraging people to join over 17,000 Antibiotic Guardians, taking a personal action to fight antibiotic resistance.
Some pledges that members of the public can choose in becoming Antibiotic Guardians include:

- If the NHS offers me a flu vaccination, I pledge to accept
- If I’m prescribed antibiotics, I will take them exactly as prescribed and never share them with others
- When I think my child has a likely respiratory infection, I pledge to talk to my pharmacist about how to treat my child’s symptoms first rather than going to the GP
- I will wash my hands after sneezing or coughing to reduce the transmission of infection

Raising awareness of antibiotic resistance is closely linked to this year’s Stay Well This Winter campaign, which gives the public advice on how to look after themselves during the winter period.

One of the main campaign messages is encouraging uptake of the flu jab in at-risk groups; getting vaccinated will reduce the likelihood of these people becoming ill, which could lead to antibiotics being requested inappropriately. Other messages include reminding the public to seek health advice from community pharmacists and to always take prescribed medicines as directed; these are also vital as part of efforts to combat resistance.

Cllr Derek Mills, Deputy Mayor and Executive Lead for Health and Wellbeing, said: Everyone can play a part in tackling antibiotic resistance; we often hear about the problem of these vital drugs becoming ineffective, but not about what actions individuals can take to help – this is exactly what the Antibiotic Guardian campaign provides.

“By making just one pledge, whether that is not expecting an antibiotic for a self-limiting illness, taking up the offer of a free flu jab or ensuring the responsible use of all antibiotics, we can fight resistance together.

“In addition to Antibiotic Guardian, I’d like to remind the public this winter to make the most of community pharmacists and their teams. Pharmacists can play a vital role in helping to manage patient’s expectations, explaining the normal duration of winter illnesses caused by viruses, what warning signs to look out for and can provide effective over the counter treatments to help relieve symptoms.”

Antibiotic resistance is one the biggest threats to public health and Public Health England is responsible for delivering 4 key aspects of the 5-year UK strategy to help combat antibiotic resistance.

These are improving infection prevention and control practices to reduce the number of infections in patients; optimising prescribing practice, improving professional education, training and public engagement and enabling better access to and use of surveillance data.

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