Torbay Council’s Fostering and Adoption teams have been recognised nationally in the recently launched book – The Story of Parliament: Celebrating 750 years of parliament in Britain.

The two teams were selected and profiled under the Good Practice in Local Government chapter for the work they have done in radically improving services provided to prospective carers and parents.

Their article gives an insight into how the Fostering and Adoption teams focused on changing the way foster carers are paid and how the adoption team streamlined processes to match children with prospective parents quicker.

Mayor Gordon Oliver said: “For our Fostering and Adoption teams to be recognised this way is a great achievement for them and the council. They have worked hard over the past two years improving the services and have continued to focus on ensuring their work has a meaningful impact on the lives of many children in Torbay.”

The book which was produced by the History of Parliament Trust and celebrates the 750th anniversary of Simon de Montfort’s Parliament of 1265 - a key moment in the origins of parliament, was launched at a champagne reception in the Cloisters of Westminster Abbey with 300 VIP guests, including prominent historians, politicians and senior public figures in attendance. Guests also had access to the Chapter House, where the earliest House of Commons is known to have met in the mid-13th century.

The launch of this book also coincided with the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, the document that is widely believed to have established the foundations of parliamentary democracy, liberty and human rights.

The book was written by a team of experts on parliamentary history, The Story of Parliament, and charts the rise of parliament in Britain over the centuries and explores how it has been instrumental in shaping the country as we know it today. Chapters focussed on key areas of life in modern Britain.

St James’s House Media Director Richard Freed said: “It has been a great honour to work with the History of Parliament Trust on this publication. Westminster Abbey was the perfect venue for the launch of a book that celebrates the incredible impact parliament has made through the centuries, from its origins through to the modern day.”

The History of Parliament Trust is a research project creating a comprehensive account of parliamentary politics. Unparalleled in the comprehensiveness of its treatment, it is generally regarded as one of the most ambitious, authoritative and well-researched projects in British history.

The Story of Parliament book will be on display in Torquay Library from Friday 24 July 2015.


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