Torbay Council’s Velopark in Paignton has expanded its bike hire collection and can now provide specially adapted bikes for use by disabled people.

With help from Tor 2 space has now been made to store these adapted bikes. This now means the Velopark can provide opportunities for everyone to take part in cycling on the off road track.

Bikes that are now available include specially made trikes, a tandem and junior and senior recumbent bikes. Wheels for All will also be loaning a hand cycle, a quad cycle and tricycles. Wheels for All are also looking into obtaining funding to provide more permanent cycles at the Velopark.

Although work has been going well paint, cement and bike racks are still needed to complete the project. If anyone has any of these items available to donate, please contact the Sports department by email at .

If you would like to try these new bikes Freetrike are holding sessions every other Tuesday and they are a great opportunity to explore disabled cycling using the excellent facilities at the Velopark. You can be collected from your car door and introduced to the best available equipment and adaptations for your needs.

If you would like to be involved in the Freetrike session or would like to find out more contact Tom Pales at Freetrike on telephone number 07957 647675 or email to book a free taster session.

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