Torbay’s Public Health Team is supporting this year’s National Walking Month, which is promoted by Living Streets.

Every year people are encouraged to take to their feet and feel the benefits of walking during the month of May. National Walking Month is supported up and down the UK, with a variety of events including Walk to Work Week and Walk to School Week.

In May 2014 workplaces around the UK logged more than 50,000 miles during Walk to Work Week. It is anticipated more will be achieved this year.

The year’s event takes place from Monday 11 May to 15 May and you can register online and be part of a free workplace walking challenge. You can log your walks and see how many calories you have burned and how much money you have saved. There is also an optional sponsorship section.

Join or create a workplace team and get competitive with colleagues using live totalisers and leaderboards to motivate.

Walk to School Week is running from 18 May to 22 May. Every year, this event brings together nearly one million schoolchildren, teachers and parents. This year it is all about the health benefits of walking. Fun activities can be organised to get everyone inspired such as a mass walk to school, a giant walking bus or even a walk around the school playground during the day.

For more ideas on the Walk to School Week and Walk to Work Week visit

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