A new Torbay Culture Board has been appointed to drive the delivery of Enjoy, talk, do, be - a ten year cultural strategy for Torbay and its communities.

Torbay Council and Torbay Development Agency (TDA) facilitated, with public funding from Arts Council England, the development of the ten year cultural strategy, which was officially launched on Monday 8 December 2014.

The strategy has vision, ambitions and principles which set out how Torbay could be in ten years time. Culture, as outlined in the strategy, includes everything from visual and performing arts to the built and natural environment, heritage, libraries, media, museums, play, sport, tourism and informal leisure pursuits.

The new and independent Torbay Culture Board, supported by an executive post, will provide the energy, vision, time and commitment to ensure that the strategy is effectively delivered for the benefit of everyone living, working and spending time in the Bay.

All Board members were selected through an open and rigorous selection process by a panel of representatives from Torbay Council, Arts Council England, Torbay Development Agency (TDA) and the cultural sector.

Selection panel member Councillor Nicole Amil, Executive Lead for Harbours, Culture and the Arts, said: “The final selection has resulted in an independent and diverse group of people with experience and understanding of the cultural sector.

“This includes everything from performing arts, film and architecture to children’s play, sport and design. We are confident the Board has the determination to ensure cultural activities make a real difference to the sustainable economic and social development of the Bay.

Alan Denby, TDA’s Director of Economic Strategy and Performance, who chaired the selection panel, added: “It will be the Board’s role to provide the energy, vision, time, commitment and strategic overview to keep momentum going and to make sure that the cultural strategy becomes a reality and does not gather dust on a shelf.

“There’s a lot to do and the Board will meet monthly, working closely with a range of partners and stakeholders within and outside of Torbay.”

Eight board members are now in place, including two role-shares, where two people will share the time and duties of one position between them.

The newly selected Board members and backgrounds are as follows:

Jade Campbell (role share with Ruth Ben-Tovim)
Jade works in Torbay as a freelance theatre practitioner, producer, and community builder, developing participatory arts projects with young people and communities. She is a former senior youth worker and young people’s drama educator. She is also the founder and Creative Director of Juicy Theatre and Co-director of Doorstep Arts.
Ruth Ben-Tovim (role share with Jade Campbell) 
Ruth has worked as a professional artist and consultant for 25 years. She is the Creative Co-ordinator for Torbay’s Ageing Well Programme and the Creative Director of pioneering participatory arts organisation, Encounters.
Mark Green
Mark is Director at Fruition Creation Services, based in Torquay, and is a partner in Unit 7 Creative Workhub and Agency. He also sits on the Executive Board of Torbay Business Forum.
Richard Maddock
Richard is a Director of Torquay-based Kay Elliott Architects with over 25 years experience in the field of architecture and masterplanning. Recent projects include the Abbey Sands development, Torquay Pavilion regeneration and the Par Eco Community Masterplan.
Roger Mann
Roger has lived in Torbay all his life and managed his own business in the Bay from the age of 22. Now retired, he works with people with learning disabilities as a volunteer advocate for Vocal Advocacy. He is the current Chairman of Torbay Sports Council, and a director of the Riviera International Conference Centre (RICC).
Annoshka Samarasya Bradshaw Santos (role share with Tanny Stobart)
Annoshka is a sixth form student, Junior Play Ranger and a Torbay Young Inspector. She came to Torbay from Bahia, Brazil when she was nine years old and since then has been involved with Play Torbay gradually taking a more active role in developing cultural opportunities. Now 18, and as a result of her experiences with the arts, she is interested in developing more opportunities for young people which help extend their horizons.
Tanny Stobart (role share with Annoshka Samarasya Bradshaw Santos)
Tanny is Director of Play Torbay, Chair of the Bay’s Youth Cultural Partnership, and works as a play and playwork policy consultant. Tanny is pleased to be able to support the chance for young people, especially those who may be disadvantaged or disabled and need additional help to access exciting, inspiring and engaging cultural opportunities in Torbay.
Peter Heppa
Peter is Head of Creative Arts and Media at South Devon College in Paignton.
Kathryn Willens
Kathryn has a background in major international film production and is currently a freelance consultant working on translation and language projects. She lives in Brixham.
Paul Woolnough
Paul is a Research Development Manager in Higher Education and as a local resident has an interest in furthering cultural and social development within Torbay.

A new Torbay Culture Forum, open to anyone with an interest and stake in cultural development in the Bay, will work alongside the Board to ensure that it remains active and grounded.

The first Forum event will take place on Tuesday 17 March at the Berry Head Hotel in Brixham. Attendees will be able to meet members of the new Torbay Culture Board and to hear about exciting culture, health and wellbeing work in Torbay and beyond. There will also be the opportunity to make connections across the cultural and health sectors, plan projects and make a contribution to Enjoy, talk, do, be...

To find out more and to book a free place, please go to www.torbaydevelopmentagency.co.uk/cultural-strategy


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