Torbay Council is taking steps to remind people of the importance of recycling and the materials that can be recycled over the Christmas period.

At a time of giving and receiving, endless shopping lists and so much to remember, recycling could be forgotten when it is a great opportunity to recycle what you can.

Councillor Robert Excell, Executive Lead for Safer Communities, Highways, Environment and Sport, said: “With plenty of food and drinks consumed and presents unwrapped, household waste increases at this time of year. It might be tempting to throw it all in the bin, but nearly all of it can be sorted and recycled easily.

“We know how much hard work goes into making Christmas a memorable time. There is so much to remember, so recycling may not seem like a high priority, however it is the perfect time to be on top of your recycling.

“We want to encourage householders to visit our website where all the information about their local recycling services is readily available. We also want to help people realise that recycling and re-using at Christmas doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it is quick, easy and requires little effort.”

For a number of useful hints and tips to help you enjoy a clutter free Christmas and set you on an easy road to recycling, visit

If you are not sure what is collected, or confused about which materials go in which container, is a quick and simple way of finding out what is accepted for recycling and where.

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