More than 1300 people have now been online and completed a survey that will decide the future of Torre Abbey’s front green.

The consultation for the front green opened on Monday 6 October 2014 and will come to a close on Friday 28 November 2014. This is the land that was previously used for the Riviera balloon and is not currently being used.

Torbay Council is suggesting either a children’s water play park, similar to the Geoplay Park in Paignton or that the grass is maintained and benches are installed making it into a picnic area.

This opportunity has come about as a result of work being carried out by south West Water aiming to improve the quality of Torbay’s bathing water. A 2,000 cubic metre underground storm storage tank is being installed in the south-east corner of the park to provide extra capacity in the sewerage system and reduce discharges from the network in extremely wet weather.

The work is part of a £5million investment ahead of the European Union’s revised Bathing Water Directive which comes into effect in 2015. The costs are being borne by South West Water and will not impact on customers’ bills.

Torbay Mayor Gordon Oliver said: "I am very happy to see that so many people have had their say on the matter of Torre Abbey’s front green.

"Paignton's Geoplay Park is a source of entertainment for local families and visiting families alike and we are excited at the prospect of emulating that here in Torquay.

"It is vital that we hear from the public on this matter, so I would urge everyone to go online and complete this survey, to help us cater to those who would find the sight most useful."

A small group of councillors are going to visit the site of Wednesday 12 November 2014 to see the progress and learn more about the scheme.

Up until now over 1300 people have had their say if you would like yours then go to where an online survey can be completed.

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