Torbay Council has commenced a public consultation on a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy.

Torbay Council, together with partner organisations and key stakeholders, has produced the strategy which is available to view online. The consultation continues until Friday 19 December 2014.

Councillor Robert Excell, Executive Lead for Safer Communities, Highways, Environment and Sport, said: “The strategy aims to balance the needs of communities, the economy and the environment in setting out objectives for investing in flood defence and how this will be achieved.

“The document should act as a first point of call for anyone looking for guidance on flood risk management issues in Torbay and it is extremely helpful in signposting where relevant information can be found.”

The draft document outlines the responsibilities of the risk management authorities in Torbay and how they are working in partnership to coordinate local flood risk management. This covers everything from engaging with communities and preparing for floods, responding to flood events, collaborating on flood risk studies and investing in flood improvements.

As the lead local flood authority for the area, Torbay Council has produced the strategy to outline plans and procedures in place to help inform Torbay’s communities who is responsible, what actions can be taken and how these can be achieved.

The strategy comprises a collection of documents including a summary report, the main strategy document and an action plan. The action plan will prioritise areas that require flood alleviation works and the first action plan will be produced in February 2015, once the strategy has become council policy.

The strategy has been produced in accordance with the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. Anyone who would like to provide any comments on the Strategy can view the documents online at:

A hard copy of Torbay Council’s Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and the summary report will be available at the Council’s Libraries.

Comments should be returned via email at or by post to the following address:
Torbay Council, Engineering Section, Town Hall, Castle Circus, Torquay, TQ1 3DR.

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