“Torbay Council Beach staff reported a blocked sewer causing leakage this morning at Young’s Park in Goodrington, therefore visitors are asked to stay away from the park whilst work is underway to address the problem.

“The immediate issues have been dealt with, due to a fast response from the council’s contractors to jet-clean and cordon off the area, presenting no immediate risk to the public.

“However the lake has been contaminated and South West Water is carrying out testing to identify the extent of any water quality issues; they have also carried out decontamination work and investigations to identify any possible contamination of adjacent areas.

“South West Water is going to carry out works to the blocked sewer now that the site has been made safe. Further announcements will be made from Torbay Council, in relation to use of Young’s Park and the safety of the area, and from South West Water about the details of the drainage system and repair works.”










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