The Geoplay Park is divided into 4 areas - for different age groups and different play experiences. These 4 areas also tell the story of the four critical geological time periods in Torbay’s history. The park is located on Paignton Sands so it also has all the amenties the beach has to offer including a café/restaurant, pier, promenade, crazy golf, and donkey rides on the green behind the beach.

The Park combines over 30 pieces of good quality play equipment including six pieces designed specifically for Paignton’s Geoplay Park.

Toddler area

The toddler area represents the Devonian Period when Torbay was south of the equator and under tropical coral seas. Toddlers are able to ride on a trilobite and swing over a wetpour sea. This area also has a seesaw, climbing hut, trampoline and spinner bowls.

Junior area

A time tunnel takes you through to the junior area which has a giant climbing net symbolising a time during the Carboniferous Period - when two major continents collided and Torbay was effectively caught in the middle of the collision. A major mountain range was formed as a result the size of the Himalayas - hence the mountain shaped net.

Sand and water area

The sand and water play area represents the Permian Period when Torbay was just north of the equator and all of our red sandstones and breccia rocks were formed.  Flash floods occurred after violent storms in the distant mountains and giant millipedes crawled around! This area has a purpose built water channel for children to pump and dam water and digging equipment and tables for sand play.

Teen play zone

Then we skip to the Quaternary period which is the teen play zone and links with Kent’s Cavern from a geological perspective. The Neanderthals and early humans who sheltered in the caves would have had to push themselves physically to survive and the idea here is that our young people are challenged by their environment in a similar way. This is the largest area of the park and has the zip wire, towers, play huts, a six way swing, climbing logs and stilts, climbing trees and a life-size sabre tooth tiger.

Picnic area

The new picnic seating area houses a story-telling chair featuring a geological timeline explaining all of these important aspects of Torbay’s geological history. 

AddressEsplanade Road, Paignton, TQ4 6BE

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