Outside body

Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Panel


Special Function                                                                                           Reference

                                                                                                                                                                    Police Reform and Social

                                                                                                                                                                    Responsibility Act 2011

1     To review and make a report or recommendation                             s28(3)(a)

       on the draft Police and Crime Plan, or any draft variation,

       given to the Panel by the PCC.

2     To review, put questions to the PCC at a public meeting,               s28(4)

       and make a report and/or recommendation/s (as necessary)

       on the Annual Report.

3     To hold a confirmation hearing and review, make a report,            s28(5)

       and/or recommendation/s (as necessary) in respect of                   Sch 1 para 10-11

       proposed senior appointments made by the PCC.

4     To review and make a report on (and if necessary veto)                  s28(5) and Sch 8

       the proposed appointment of the Chief Constable.

5     Review and report on the PCC’s proposals to remove                     Sch 8, para 15

       a Chief Constable.

6     To review and make a report and/or recommendation/s                  s28(5) and Sch 5

       (as necessary)(and if necessary veto) on the proposed

       level of precept.                                                                                                

7     To review and scrutinise decisions made, or other actions             s28(6)

       taken, by the PCC in connection with the discharge of the

       PCC’s functions.

8     To fulfil functions in relation to complaints about conduct              Sch 7, para 3

       matters, in accordance with the responsibilities accorded to the

       Panel by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.

9     Suspend the PCC on their being charged.                                        s30

10   To appoint an Acting PCC if necessary.                                             s62

11   Publish any reports and recommendations made.                           s28(7) to (9)


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