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Torbay Events Forum







1.    The Events Marketing Forum (EMF) brings together local organisations currently engaged in major events and marketing to ensure that there is a cohesive and inclusive approach to attracting and facilitating events throughout the Bay.

2.    It is anticipated that better coordinated events planning and marketing will attract additional visitors with the expected benefits of economic growth, extended season, diversification and improved perception of the destination.


3.    The primary purpose of the Forum is to develop Torbay as an events destination of international repute.

4.    The Forum will develop the existing events programme and help attract new major events.

5.    The Forum will engage in activities which leverage the benefits of team working and collaboration; building upon the existing events programme and identifying new events.

6.    It will establish improved mechanisms for identifying theviews and expectationsof local businesses, the voluntary sector, Torbay Council, and the wider community.

7.    The Forum will work to develop the capacity of the resort so that it can host national and international events and target those events that will increase the profile of the destination especially.

8.    It will provide strategic direction and community engagement with regards events marketing.

9.    The membership will identify new ways of working which might be more efficient and co-ordinate fund raising and inward investment activities.


10. The Forum has no statutory status and membership is entirely voluntary.

11.A three year action plan and calendar of events will be prepared by the membership to help deliver the objectives identified.  From time to time business cases will be prepared for specific projects and those of its partners.


  1. The initial coremembership shall comprise of representatives from the following organisations:

1.    Business Forum

2.    Community and Voluntary Action (CVA)

3.    English Riviera Attractions Partnership

4.    English Riviera Tourism Company Ltd

5.    Maritime Clubs Representative

6.    South Devon College

7.    RICC Ltd

8.    Rotary Club Representative

9.    Tor Bay Harbour Authority

10. Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust

11. Torbay Council - Elected Mayor of Torbay (Chair)

12. Torbay Council Residents & Visitors Services

13. Torbay Development Agency

14. Torbay Sports Council

15. Torbay Town Centres Company

16.  Police Services

17.  Fire Services

18. Brixham Town Council

13. Other representativesmaybeco-optedontothe group as required and the membership may be amended by the Forum to include invitees and observers.

14. Thequorum for the groupshallbe50% of the coremembers.  Ifa core member cannot attend a deputymay attend.

15. Technical advisers may also be invited to attend.


16. The Forum will meet on a monthly basis.  7 working days notice shall be given with an agenda issued in advance.  Sub groups may be created if approved by the core membership.

17. The core membership will determine which meetings or agenda items shall be held in public.  It is anticipated that there will be public meetings and events to which other organisations will be invited.


18. The Forum will be constituted as an advisory group of the Torbay Development Agency in alignment with other forums and advisory groups administered and supported by the TDA.

19. The TDA will facilitate the quarterly meetings and may provide a small budget to ensure that the Forum is able to operate efficiently and effectively.


  1. TheTermsofReferencewill be reviewed by the membership after 12 months by the core membership.


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Location: RICC

Hellen Jones