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English Geopark Management Group


Terms of Reference


As an individual member or representative member of my organisation on the English Riviera Global Geopark (ERGG) Geopark Management Group (GMG), I agree:


1.1            to promote the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment, history, heritage and culture of the ERGG


1.2            to champion the organisations vision for the ERGG and its communities, as set out in the English Riviera Geopark Management Plan


1.3            to contribute knowledge, expertise and experience to the work of the GMG


1.4            to promote, support and play a full and active part in the work of the GMG in fulfilling its roles and responsibilities


1.5            to assist the GMG in achieving an independent and apolitical profile in the performance of its functions


1.6            to ensure the ERGG is written into core internal operational strategies and policies within my organisation


1.7            to adhere to points related to the ERGG as outlined within Torbay Council Service Level Agreements (if appropriate)


1.8            not to retail original geological material in adherence with the Guidance on retailing original geological material (see Appendix 1)


1.9            to ensure that decisions, information and news discussed in GMG meetings is appropriately cascaded to other members of staff and volunteers within my organisation and ensure that appointed or necessary actions are taken


1.10         to ensure all members of staff have a strong understanding of the ERGG enabling them to fully understand how their individual role and their organisation as a whole contributes to the retention of the Global Geopark status


1.11         to ensure front line members of staff are adequately trained to provide relevant and accurate interpretive information to visitors on the natural and cultural heritage of the ERGG and the wider Global Network.


1.12         to actively collaborate with other partners, stakeholders and wider partners for the benefit of the ERGG


1.13         to ensure my organisation and any relevant projects and activities are promoted and branded as part of the ERGG through the appropriate use of the ERGG and GGN logo


1.14         to attend GMG meetings whenever possible and, if not available to send a deputy who is fully briefed and able to make decisions.  Equally, if I am no longer able to attend meetings on a regular basis, to step down from the GMG and with the agreement of the chairperson, to seek another representative from within my organisation to take my seat on the GMG


1.15         to take part in debates and formulate decisions through consensus or voting if necessary


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