Committee details

Corporate Parenting Board

Purpose of committee

1.            To lead on behalf of the Council and partners of the Local Authority to ensure that all services directly provided for children and young people in care and care leavers are scrutinised to deliver to a high standard and to all statutory requirements;


2.             To raise the aspiration, ambitions and life chances of children and young people in care, narrowing the gap of achievement and outcomes between children in care and their peers;


3.             To ensure that children in care are protected and supported to develop as healthy citizens and able to participate fully in their community.


4.             To ensure that all elected members are aware of their corporate parenting responsibilities and that all Council services are mindful of the needs of children in care and respond accordingly within their particular remit.


5.             To receive regular reports in relation to the adoption, fostering, commissioning, children looked after (CLA) services, care leavers and the virtual school with a view to identifying any areas of underperformance and recommending any changes.


6.             Ensure that the profile of the corporate parenting priorities are incorporated within key plans, policies and strategies of the Council including interagency working arrangements.  Review reports relating to complaints from looked after children to ensure officers have dealt with these appropriately and made any recommendations for change;


7.             Raise awareness in Torbay Council and amongst its partners and the wider community by promoting the role of members as corporate parents and the Council as a corporate family with key responsibilities;


8.             Raise the profile of the needs and achievements of children looked after and care leavers through a range of celebratory events/activities determined by children looked after and care leavers.


9.             Ensure that leisure, cultural, further education and employment opportunities are provided and taken up by our children looked after and care leavers;


10.          Ensure that the views of children and young people are regularly heard through the Corporate Parenting Panel to improve educational, health and social outcomes.


11.          Meet with children and young people in care, frontline staff and foster carers to inform the panel of the standards of care and improvement outcomes for children looked after;


12.          Monitor the ongoing commitment to providing support, training and clarity of expectations for foster carers to provide excellent and high quality care;


13.          To appoint elected members as Champions for Children in Care in respect of the following strands:


·         Housing;


·         Employment and training opportunities within council departments and with partner agencies;


·         Health (including mental health);


·         Educational Attainment and access to Higher Education;


·         Foster carer recruitment and retention; and


·         Response to those who go missing.


Contact information

Support officer: Samantha Hadjiantoni.