Committee details

Policy Development and Decision Group (Joint Commissioning Team)

Purpose of committee


1.        To begin early discussions on developing policy in key areas (notably, but not exclusively to those areas that are covered by the Council’s Budget and Policy Framework, or are considered Key Decisions) and to review forthcoming issues in the Forward Plan;


2.       To review and offer opinions/guidance on the policy/development options put forward by officers to assist in the development of Equality Impact Assessments and other formal papers prior to the decision making process;


3.       To consider the most appropriate form of wider consultation and review the outcomes of consultation;


4.      To receive and make recommendations to the Mayor on Overview and Scrutiny reports; and


5.       To receive reports and make recommendations to the Mayor on Executive decisions to enable the Mayor to make decisions at Policy Development Decision Groups.



Contact information

Support officer: Amanda Coote. (01803) 207026

Postal address:
Governance Support
Torbay Council
Town Hall, Castle Circus

Phone: (01803) 207026


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