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Notice of Motion - 20 MPH Neighbourhoods

To consider the submitted motion and associated report from the Director of Finance, notice of which has been given in accordance with Standing Order A13 by the members indicated.



Further to the Council meeting held on 7 December 2023 (Minute 54/12/23 refers), members received a Notice of Motion in relation to £100,000 of one-off funding being identified to introduce 20 mph neighbourhoods (for schemes as listed in the Notice of Motion), along with the Director of Finance’s report on the financial implications of the motion.


Councillor Fox proposed an amended motion as set out below:


There continue to be high levels of concerns over road safety which have been expressed to us by residents in many parts of Torbay about the excessive speed of traffic in residential areas particularly on arterial routes near or outside schools.


We believe that this is putting the safety of pedestrians at risk, including parents with young children in prams and buggies, as well as for wheelchair users, the frail and elderly, and anybody attempting just to cross a road.


We believe that some of the roads in greatest need of urgent action to control vehicle speeds include our older ex-Council estates and high density areas, which often have a predominance of terraced housing.


The principle has already been agreed by the Council to introduce 20mph neighbourhoods especially in close proximity to our schools and in relation to areas which have a high concentration of accidents.  At the 22 February 2023 Transport and Parking Working Party, it was stated that there was strong support from schools across Torbay suffering from speeding traffic impacting on their pupils for such 20 mph neighbourhoods.  The following schemes were earmarked for action:


Phase One

Hayes School (Totnes Road & St Michael’s Road) (Hayes Road already has permanent 20mph zone)

Cockington School (Avenue Road & Mill Lane areas)

Sacred Heart School (Cecil Road area)

Barton Academy (Barton Hill Road)

Torquay Academy (Barton Road & Cricketfield Road areas)

St Cuthbert Maine (Teignmouth Road & Westhill Road areas) (could include St Margaret’s and Homelands Schools)


Phase Two

Roselands Primary School (Roselands Drive area)

White Rock Primary School (Davies Avenue/Gibson Road areas)

Sherwell Valley Primary School (Upper Cockington Lane/Drake Avenue/Hawkins Avenue areas)

Curledge Street Primary School (will be included within the proposed Fisher Street zone but consideration to expanding zone into Dartmouth Road area)

Ilsham Primary School (Ilsham Road and Babbacombe Road areas)

Eden Park Primary School (in quiet residential area, no 20 limit in place)

St Margaret Clitherow School (in quiet residential area, no 20 limit in place)

Chestnut Primary School (in quiet residential areas, no 20 limit in place


As at the 19 October 2023 we note with concern that the above schemes which have been earmarked for action are not being delivered at pace.  One particular example where the need for reduced traffic speeds is overdue is Barton Hill Road, from the Barton shopping centre, to Hele roundabout, via Barton Academy, where there is an urgent need to reduce traffic speeds.  We are also aware that accidents continue to happen in the neighbourhood of St Cuthbert Mayne with a motorcycle accident where the motorcyclist was hospitalised in early October.


In light of this and in the interests of community safety, therefore the Cabinet Council is recommended:


That as part of the Cabinet’s final budget proposals, consideration be given to allocating £100,000 to £150,000, from the additional Government monies, to expedite the delivery of 20 mph zones for neighbourhoods in close proximity to schools within Torbay.

That the Director of Finance be instructed to identify £100,000 of one-off money to provide the capacity to take these schemes (as set out above) forward within the next 12 months.  


At the invitation of the Worshipful the Mayor of Torbay, Councillor Virdee accepted the amendment to the original Notice of Motion.  In accordance with Standing Order A13.3(a), the Worshipful the Mayor of Torbay then reported that the motion stood referred to the Cabinet meeting on 13 February 2024.

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