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Revenue Budget 2022-2023

To consider the recommendations of the Cabinet on the Revenue Budget proposals for 2022/2023 and the Chief Finance Officer’s Report. 


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·         Revenue Budget Digest 2022/2023; and

·         Fees and Charges 2022/2023


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Members considered the recommendations of the Cabinet in relation to the Revenue Budget 2022/23 as set out in the submitted report and supporting documents.  A revised recommendation was circulated prior to the meeting, which incorporated the Notice of Motion submitted by the Conservative Group to amend the budget, which had subsequently been withdrawn.


In accordance with legislation, the Deputy Civic Mayor advised that recorded votes would be taken on the budget items on this agenda.


Councillor Steve Darling proposed and Councillor Cowell seconded a motion, which was agreed (unanimously) by the Council (by recorded vote) as set out below:


1)         that for 2022/23 net revenue expenditure of £120.8m resulting in a Council Tax requirement of £78.1m for 2022/23 (a 2.99% increase in Council Tax, of which 1% is for Adult Social Care) be approved, now including £570,000 for one-off highways improvements (including repairing pot-holes, repainting double yellow lines, improved signage, improved road safety, the introduction of new traffic regulation orders) to be allocated from the Comprehensive Spending Review Reserve.  The reserve balance to be reinstated as the first allocation of any underspend in 2021/22 and 2022/23;


2)         that the proposed Fees and Charges for 2022/23 be approved;


3)         that, in accordance with the requirement of the Local Government Act 2003, the advice given by the Chief Finance Officer with respect to the robustness of the budget estimates and the adequacy of the Council’s reserves (as set out in the report) be noted;


4)         that it be noted that the Brixham Town Council precept for 2022/23 of £379,600 will be included as part of the Torbay Council budget for Council Tax setting purposes; and


5)         that to ensure the continuation of the integrated health and adult social care arrangements with the CCG and the ICO for a further two financial years, after the end of the current agreement in March 2023, that Council allocate funding of £55.4m for 2023/24 and £56.5m for 2024/25.


The voting was taken by roll call as follows:  For:  Councillors Amil, Barrand, Brooks, Brown, Bye, Carter, Cowell, Mandy Darling, Steve Darling, Dart, Douglas-Dunbar, Dudley, Ellery, Foster, Hill, Howgate, Johns, Kavanagh, Kennedy, Law, Barbara Lewis, Chris Lewis, Long, Loxton, Mills, Morey, O’Dwyer, Pentney, Stockman, David Thomas and Jacqueline Thomas (31);  and Absent:  Councillors Atiya-Alla, Barnby, Manning, Sykes and John Thomas (5).

Supporting documents: