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This page lists the meetings for Council. You can also view upcoming committee documents on your iPad, Android Device or Blackberry Playbook by downloading the free app.


Information about Council

All 36 Councillors meet formally as the ‘Council’.  At these meetings the Council sets a budget for services, the Council Tax and the Council’s plans are agreed (called the ‘policy framework’). 


Public question time sessions are held at Council meetings.  You can ask a question or make a statement on Council services (except planning or licensing applications).


You need to send us your question or statement 11 working days before the meeting.  At the meeting you will have five minutes to outline your question/statement.  To find out how to submit a question or statement please contact


To encourage more people to engage in our public meetings the Council is trialling live streaming our Council meetings on our YouTube channel in addition to recording the meetings and publishing the recording on our website.  To watch the meeting live please visit