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Apologies for absence


Councillor M Morey (advised unable to provide a substitute for this meeting).



Minutes of Last Meeting pdf icon PDF 133 KB

To confirm as a correct record the Action Notes of the meeting of the Transport Working Party held on 13th August 2015 and to receive any feedback.


Minutes were agreed.


·         Councillor Darling requested that future minutes are provided in a briefer, concise format – this was noted.

·         Councillors Mills requested clarification on Page 3 yellow lines at the junction of Mathill Road.  IJ clarified these works are in progress.  DM to feedback to Cllr Haddock.


Proposed: Councillor Mills

Seconded: Councillor King


Urgent Items


None raised.


Torre Reversal - Objections to Advertised Order pdf icon PDF 70 KB

Due to a conflict of interest, Cllr Excell will leave the room during this item and Cllr King will Chair the meeting.

Additional documents:


·         Councillor Excell left the room and Councillor King Chaired this item.

·         DM confirmed his involvement as decision maker when the scheme was agreed.

·         This scheme was received by the Working Party in January 2015 who passed this recommendation for a formal Decision in February 2015 to Full Council. This item is to discuss the Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) advertised to reverse the traffic flow.  IJ confirmed there were 23 pieces of correspondence received in response to the advert 9 of which objected to the orders.  It was advised it is not usual practice to bring such an item to the Working Party and this would normally be agreed through an Executive Lead Briefing with the Assistant Director for Community Services making the decision in consultation with the Executive Lead Member, however due to the conflict of interest and public interest, it was agreed this would be an agenda item for the Working Party to consider.

·         IJ confirmed the scheme cannot be delivered without approval of the TRO.

·         Joyce Rainbird (speaking on behalf of Home Palms Management) gave a 3 minute brief on objections to the TRO that included the following points:-

-       That the bus stop opposite Home Palms would prove be a blind spot for cars coming out of the Council car park.

-       The scheme would create problems for doctors using Home Palms Car Park.

-       Residents would lose privacy when Double Decker buses pass looking into windows and vibrations from coaches are already felt.

-       The new scheme would increase traffic noise and exhaust fumes and emissions not adhering to air quality regulations.

-       The best idea would be for only cars to use this route and coaches and HGV vehicles should remain using the original route to protect traders from dirt and fumes.  The trees in Lymington Road would absorb the fumes and this is a wider road for commercial vehicles.  There is a clear policy on cutting omissions from the Government as part of the Clean Air Act.

·         SD expressed concern regarding on behalf of local ward councillors and members of the public relating to the re-routing of the no 12 bus avoiding Castle Circus relating particularly to older people with mobility issues having to walk up the hill to the stop.  Stagecoach had not announced this change to the route when the scheme was agreed in January.  DM has raised the issue directly with Stagecoach as to whether a smaller loop can be looked at whereby the bus stops could remain in the same position. DW to email Stagecoach with the concerns raised

·         SD enquired whether options relating to the loading bay near Home Palms had been explored for TOR2’s use as well as emergency services.  IJ advised officers are open to consultation on the use of the loading bay and welcome feedback from Home Palms.  IJ confirmed the Centre Manager at Home Palms has been sent a plan and officers have requested feedback.

·         SD raised concern relating to those with a Carer’s Permit  ...  view the full minutes text for item 214.


Transport Asset Management Plan pdf icon PDF 67 KB

Additional documents:


·         Torbay Council has formally adopted the principles of Asset Management as set out in the Strategic Transport Asset Management Plan that was published in May 2014.  To accompany this, the Council is required to publish its Asset Management Strategy to set out its intended methods of maximising the use of highway maintenance funding.

·         The Strategy does not define specific roads, however it identifies the method used to prioritise the maintenance spend and details how preventative and structural maintenance is determined.

·         25% of the future capital maintenance budget is due to be subject to a bidding process and in order to meet the requirements for these bids, Torbay Council must demonstrate and publicise its Asset Management Strategy.

·         IJ recommended that the strategy is published and supported to be moved forward.

·         SD questioned that 25% of the highway is in need of the resurfacing, how is the Strategy going to address this?  IJ confirmed this will not be fully addressed with current funding levels, however the Strategy will show how a balance of preventative maintenance at the point of the roads showing degradation, and  some spend on some of the worst roads in the Bay is the most efficient means to maintain the asset overall. 



IJ recommended that adoption of the Strategy is supported by the Working Party.


Proposed by: Cllr Mills

Seconded by: Cllr Darling

In favour: All


Potential review of Torbay Ring Road Signing and TRO's pdf icon PDF 69 KB

Additional documents:


·         Torbay Council has been contacted by Devon County Council (DCC) regarding improving safety on their section of the Torbay Ring Road following recent high levels of barrier strikes.  DCC would like to review speed limits and signage as part of the scheme and have asked if Torbay would like to work in partnership to carry out this review as part of a joined up approach.  Lane designation will also be assessed.

·         IJ advised part of the review will consider a permanent lower speed restriction of 50mph from Gallows Gate to the new Edginswell junction.



·         That Highways carry out further design work to progress a scheme to implementation under the 2016/17 LTP integrated transport block and that any proposed changes to speed restrictions between Gallows Gate roundabout and the South Devon Link Road are advertised following the approval of the Executive Lead Member and implemented if no objections received.


Proposed by: Cllr Darling

Seconded by: Cllr Doggett

In favour: All


Western Corridor and South Devon Link Road - Verbal Updates on Schemes


South Devon Highway

·         RE congratulated the Teams involved on the delivery of the South Devon Highway scheme, on time.  SD seconded this.

·         IJ advised the new road opened at 3.30am on 15th December 2015 and involved 2,300 people working on the scheme with 1.5m working hours undertaken.  There is 23km of kerbing and 140,000 tonnes of asphalt.  At all times there were between 53/60% of local workers on the project.

·         IJ advised the scheme is not yet complete with works remaining on some of the connecting roads, remedial works and landscaping which may result in some minor traffic management issues.  64,000 shrubs are to be planted. IJ congratulated the contractors for delivering the project and highlighted the success of the Community Liaison Group’s involvement in the project.

·         DM requested that the sign for the South Devon Highway is changed to incorporate Torbay’s UNESCO World Geopark status.  IJ confirmed there are some restrictions on the use of the logo but will look into progressing this in the near future.

·         At SD’s request, IJ confirmed there is likely to be a traffic study of the St Marychurch Road/Barton Hill Road in due course in conjunction with Devon County Council.  This may be a subject for a future Working Party Meeting.


Western Corridor

·         Phase 1 works are complete from Long Road to Roselands Drive, despite the major drainage issues that were encountered.  Planting is yet to be carried out and some wash up items to be undertaken relating to street lighting.  IJ confirmed that part of the traffic light issues at White Rock are due to false demand on the estate access and once the new estate at White Rock is inhabited and the proper demand increases, this should rectify the issue, but this will be monitored.

·         Phase 2 will be a series of minor works to the north of Tweenaway Cross, incorporating an extended north bound merge, a right turn lane at Waterleat Road and an improved crossing at Waterleat Junction.  This is likely to commence in March 2016.  Following the autumn period 2 larger schemes will be progressed: Yalberton junction works are likely to start after the summer 2016 and Churscome Cross to Spruce Way will also be commenced during the same Autumn/Winter period.

·         IJ confirmed Windy Corner is programmed for the final phase of works in 2017/18.  Highways will be applying for a land exchange on Common Land shortly, based on the Working Party’s recommended scheme.  The land exchange will need to be formally advertised.


LTP Implementation Plan - Verbal Update


·         DW reported The Local Transport Plan for Torbay is a joint strategy document in conjunction with Devon County Council that was adopted in April 2011 and runs until 2026.  Every 5 years a document is produced that states what projects are going to be delivered to meet that Strategy and how the allocated 5 year funding of £971,000 will be spent.  The next 5 year phase expires in March 2016 and the Future Planning and Transport Team are drafting a new implementation plan following a pre consultation period.  The public have been canvassed with 70 possible schemes and 117 responses were received which are now being analysed and the projects feasibility being assessed.  The final schemes will be presented to SLT on 5/1/16, Mayor’s Executive Group 14/1/16, Policy Development Group on 12/2/16 and Full Council on 25/2/16 for debate, prior to being adopted.

·         DW confirmed that the Parking Strategy is being developed separately by the Parking Teams but is part of the Implementation Plan.  This will go through Full Council as a separate Strategy.

·         DW advised further consultation will take place in mid January until Full Council which will be a 5-6 week period.

·         SD questioned how the schemes are prioritised.  DW confirmed they are prioritised with the following factors: public opinion; score based assessment with varying factors including impact on Economic Regeneration, health impact, healthier bay, social benefits and accessibility, environmental impact (positive/negative), best benefit and cost ratio. 


Edginswell Station - Verbal update


·         DW reported £4m funding from the Local Transport Board has been given towards the Edginswell Station.  This does not meet the total funding requirement, the remainder is hoped to be gained from the Department for Transport (DfT) New Stations Fund.  The DfT are reviewing funding and details are expected to released in the New Year for bidding for the second half of funding.  DW advised that as 50% of the funding has already been achieved, hopefully this will make an attractive bid.

·         Feedback has been received from Shiphay and the Willows Community Partnership relating specifically to 2 issues; the impact the station will have on the landscaping and the size of the car park.  DW confirmed following this consultation the car park had been reduced to 31 spaces from 80, to include 3 disabled spaces.  DW confirmed the next stage is to assess all the feedback received and make any changes to the plans before a planning application is submitted.

·         DW advised if in the future there is a demand for additional car parking, a separate planning application would need to be submitted.

·         SD requested clarification regarding what integrated transport opportunities had been considered for travel to Torbay Hospital.  DW confirmed there are numerous bus stops on the Newton Road that all go past Torbay Hospital.


Any Other Business


·         Teignmouth Road works commence next week.

·         Landslip in Oldway Road – works due to commence on 4th January 2016.

·         20 mph zones – DM passed “20’s Plenty for Us” paper to IJ for perusal and requested 20mph zones are implemented where possible, and that Galmpton Village be the starting point. IJ confirmed that the Police will not enforce these zones, but currently 20mph works are being implemented outside some schools in the Bay.  IJ also confirmed there is a significant cost for implementation.  Future areas would need assessed on need.  It was agreed this was raised at a previous Full Council meeting, subsequently RE confirmed implementation of further 20mph zones will be looked into as a potential future priority. 


Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Transport Working Party will be held in June 2016 – exact date to be confirmed in due course.


Provisional Date: 23rd June 2016, 4.00pm, Meadfoot Room, Town Hall.