Agenda and minutes

Venue: Board Room - Town Hall

Contact: Teresa Buckley  (01803) 207013

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Election of Chairman/woman


Councillor Long was elected Chairman of the Community Governance Review Working Party for the 2019/2020 Municipal Year.


Councillor Long in the Chair




It was reported that in accordance with the wishes of the Liberal Democrat Group, the membership of the Working Party had been amended for this meeting by including Councillor Mandy Darling instead of Councillor Doggett.


Appointment of Vice-Chairman/woman


Councillor Morey was appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Working Party for the 2019/2020 Municipal Year.


To receive the consultation results and determine recommendations for the Community Governance Review pdf icon PDF 522 KB


The Director of Corporate Services provided an overview of the consultation response from the first phase of the Community Governance Review.  Members were advised that a report would be presented to Cabinet on 9 July and Council on 18 July 2019 regarding phase 2 consultation for the review.


It was noted that the current Medium Term Resource Plan (MTRP) shows a projection over the next three years to make £18.3m of savings or income generation, with £10.8m required to be found for the 2020/2021 financial year.  Members also noted that there are increasing pressures in respect of placements in Children’s Services for the current financial year which will increase the shortfall for next year. The Council does not yet know what the funding formula will be for next year, however, recent consultation was clear that if the Council were to retain 100% of business rates the Government would take away the equivalent amount of other grants.


A motion was proposed and seconded:


That Council be recommended that the second phase of consultation be based upon: 


a)         that two new parishes be created within Torbay, one entitled Torquay Parish and one entitled Paignton Parish;


b)         that the new parishes be divided into wards, the ward boundaries and number of councillors to be elected to be the same as the existing arrangements for those words on Torbay Council;


c)         that the maximum Band D precept of no more than £90 per year; and


d)         that within the Consultation it be explored whether the ward of Churston with Galmpton be included within the existing Brixham Town Council or within a newly established Paignton Parish, and other than that no changes be made to the status, boundaries, warding or electoral arrangements for Brixham Town Council.


The motion was declared carried.