Agenda and minutes

Venue: Meeting Room 1, Pamona House, Oakview Close, Edginswell, Torquay, TQ2 7FF

Contact: June Gurry 

No. Item



To receive any apologies for absence, including notifications of any changes to the membership of the Committee.


Apologies for absence were received from Elected Mayor Oliver, Councillors Barnby and Parrott, Alison Botham, Paul Johnson (who was represented by Matt Fox and would be arriving late), Liz Thomas, Alison Brewer, Pat Harris (who was represented by Kevin Dixon).


Minutes pdf icon PDF 154 KB

To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the Health and Wellbeing Board held on 13 December 2018.


The Minutes of the meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board held on 13 December 2018 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairwoman.


Urgent items

To consider any other items that the Chairman/woman decides are urgent.


The Board considered the items in Minutes 87 and 88, and not included on the agenda, the Chairman being of the opinion that they were urgent by reasons of special circumstances i.e. the matters having arisen since the agenda was prepared and it was unreasonable to delay the issues until the next meeting.


Age Friendly Status


Pat Teague, Ageing Well Assembly, provided a verbal update on Torbay achieving Age Friendly Status and outlined the next steps.  Torbay has been accepted on the Age Friendly Network and is putting together Torbay’s action plan to grain full accreditation status.  Torbay Over 50s Assembly is being officially launched on 13 April 2019 from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm at Preston Baptist Church, 62 Old Torquay Road, Paignton, TQ3 2RB and partners were encouraged to book a place to attend.  It was noted that they already had 89 people signed up to become active members and nearly 300 to be informed members.  Interviews would be held in the next 4-6 weeks for action group and town forum representatives. 


It was noted that Healthwatch and the Integrated Care Organisation (ICO) have signed up to Age Friendly Status and other partners on the Board were encouraged to sign up and also attend the launch on 13 April.


Torbay Children, Young People and Families VCSE Partnership


Tanny Stobart, Community Development Trust, provided an overview of a paper which was circulated at the meeting in respect of the work of Torbay Children and Young People’s and Families VCSE Partnership.  It was proposed that the Partnership would work closely with the Health and Wellbeing Board to develop a more strategic approach to joint working arrangements between the statutory and voluntary sector workers with children, young people and families in Torbay.


The Partnership has developed a number of joint initiatives over the past three years including the ‘imagine this… consultation, the Co-op Foundation #iwill Fund for a youth loneliness project’ and is looking to establish a partnership infrastructure to deliver collaboratively, including theory of change, information sharing, referral arrangements and systems to support data capture, reporting, evaluation and impact assessment.


They are planning to host a market place for all 24 partners and invite members of the Board to talk to the partners about different aspects of their delivery and possible future collaborations.




Tanny Stobart to provide a briefing note for the Board setting out details on the work of the Torbay Children, Young People and Families VCSE Partnership and the strategic benefits for these groups.


NHS Long Term Plan - Devon Local Plan pdf icon PDF 199 KB

To consider a report that sets out the steps for developing a local plan in the context of the national Long Term Plan.

Additional documents:


The Board received a presentation from Paul O’Sullivan from the South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group on the NHS Long Term Plan, which was launched on 7 January 2019 and set out how the NHS will move to a new service model in which patients get more options, better support and properly joined-up care at the right time in the optimal care setting.


The first year operating plan for 2019/2020, which will be the first year of the long term plan, will become the first local plan and is due to be published by April 2019, with publication of the local five year plans by Autumn 2019.


The Board noted the work being undertaken to develop the local plans and their role in engaging with local communities to progress this work.  It was suggested that this Board was already an effective partnership mechanism which could take on the lead role in providing engagement and feedback on the NHS Long Term Plan and Local Plans rather than creating a new partnership.




Paul O’Sullivan to come back to a future meeting of the Board to continue dialogue and engagement on the NHS Long Term Plan and emerging Local Plans.




Director of Public Health Annual Report

To note the above.


Caroline Dimond, Director of Public Health, provided an overview of the Public Health annual report for 2017/2018 Torbay on the Move which focused on physical activity.  A copy of the annual was circulated at the meeting and noted by the Board. 


Physical activity is something that everyone can promote in our workplaces, in our communities and with our families.  The health and wellbeing improvements from being physically active also saves money with a return of £9 for every £1 spent.  The target for 2018/2019 is to get 10% more people more physically active through six key areas:


·         Empowered communities;

·         active environments, travel and facilities;

·         physical activity as medicine;

·         active early years and schools;

·         active people and families; and

·         active workplace and workforce.


The report also provided a review of the recommendations from the last annual report.


Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Update pdf icon PDF 887 KB

To note the presentation.


Justin Wiggin, Strategic Commissioning Officer, gave a presentation following three engagement events and an online consultation to develop a meaningful vision for mental health and wellbeing across Torbay and the wider Devon area.  The vision feedback included:


·         improving and maintaining mental health and wellbeing for all people in Devon;

·         working in partnership with you, your families, communities and everyone who supports you, so that you can live a fulfilling life as part of a resilient community; and

·         supporting you in new ways so that you are empowered to thrive;

·         focusing on your strengths, recovery, self-care and supporting your independence.


As a result of the engagement work completed the Partnership have:

·         revised the vision for mental health and wellbeing;

·         changed our approach to the strategic aims and priorities areas;

·         promoted the sharing of good experiences and reflections;

·         adjusted the language throughout the strategy including quotes from people throughout;

·         informed the reshaping of the transformation programmes;

·         developed relationships with people, carers and those that support them; and

·         indicated the future approach to involving people in the Mental Health Care Partnership.


The Board also noted that a small community grant scheme had been set up and had given out up to £300 to community groups for self-help exercise groups and some in mental health support.


Impact of First Response

To note a presentation.


The Board received a presentation from Nikki Bray, Strategic Commissioning Officer, on urgent mental health care across Devon.  In particular members noted the proposed creation of a crisis café pilot based in the Croft Hall Medical Practice in Torquay which would provide help for people in crisis between 8.00 am and 12 midnight 7 days a week to over 18s.  This would provide a value service to many vulnerable people who leave in the vicinity and may require support as well as others across the whole of Torbay.  People would be encouraged to phone the 111 helpline to enable them to be sign posted to the correct help and support, which also includes 5 overnight beds. 


The Board supported the proposed model for first response for adults with mental health and requested an updated on the impact of this at the next meeting and also details of what is happening with 16-17 year olds and linkages to looked after children.


Transformation Funding - Developing the Triple Aim 2019-20 Update and Next Steps pdf icon PDF 217 KB

To consider a report on the above.

Additional documents:


Caroline Taylor, Director of Adult Services, outlined the submitted report which provided an update on the delivery of IBCF funding against 36 project schemes, all of which supported the three iBCF aims:


·         Meeting adult social care needs;

·         Reducing pressures on the NHS, including supporting more people; and

·         Ensuring that the local social care provider market is supported.




That the Health and Wellbeing Board support:


(i)         the ongoing direction of travel for the Integrated and Better Care Fund (iBCF) for 2019/20 being aligned with the existing principles as administered by the Better Care Fund (BCF) board as set out in Appendix 1 to the submitted report; and


(ii)        the ongoing development, engagement and funding of solutions produced by the wider system, independent, community and voluntary partners.


Progress report on the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Strategy for Torbay 2018-2022 pdf icon PDF 199 KB

To note the report.


Tara Harris, Assistant Director Community Safety, presented the submitted update report on the progress of implementing the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Strategy.  It was noted that as partners gained a better understanding of the needs of those affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence it has become apparent that there are some shortfalls in the current service.  The service have previously been funded from government grants but this was short term funding and is impacting on future service delivery.  The Council is due to re-procure the service in 2019 and is looking at incorporating it into the proposed Alliance Framework contract model of delivery across complex needs services for which an update was included later on the agenda.


The Board discussed its role in supporting partnership working to ensure greater accountability and raise the profile of the great partnership work being achieved by the Board and its representatives.  A number of potential grant funding opportunities were also raised at the meeting and it was suggested that partners may wish to join up and share or bring back future funding opportunities to the Board to see how we can make the most of these opportunities.




(i)         that the Health and Wellbeing Board attendees should take a lead on the issues raised through the Board, champion the activities highlighted through the meetings and hold each other to account; and


(ii)        Caroline Dimond to work with the South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) on how they can increase the take up of long acting reversal contraceptive (LARC) to help reduce teenage and other unwanted pregnancies in Torbay.


Highlight Report - Multiple Complex Needs - Alliance Development pdf icon PDF 139 KB

To note the progress made since the Health and Wellbeing Board held on 13 December 2018.


Caroline Dimond, Director of Public Health, provided an update of the work being undertaken to develop an Alliance Framework for dealing with people with multiple complex needs as set out in the submitted report.  The Board supported the way forward and acknowledged the positive response received during recent engagement events.



Highlight Report - Shifting the Focus to Prevention and Early Intervention pdf icon PDF 183 KB

To note the report.


Caroline Dimond, Director of Public Health, provided an overview of the submitted report which set out details of the work being undertaken to shift focus on support to prevention and early intervention.  The Board supported the approach being undertaken but cautioned against a too medical based approach and also recognised the value of the community and voluntary sector in supporting this work.


Highlight Report - Health Protection pdf icon PDF 196 KB

To note the above report.

Additional documents:


Members noted the submitted report which set out the Health Protection Annual Report for Devon and Cornwall for 2017/18, which is required to be submitted to constituent Health and Wellbeing Boards for information and consideration.


The key points highlighted in report related to:


·         Influenza;

·         Immunisationprogrammes;

·         Screening programmes; and

·         Healthcare acquired infections.


The priorities for 2018/19 were:


·         Increasing MMR booster update;

·         Promoting flu vaccination update;

·         Establishing the community infection prevention and control service;

·         Develop plans to improve air quality;

·         Continue to tackle anti-microbial resistance; and

·         Ensuring preparedness for emergencies and emerging diseases.


The Board thanked Ann Wagner, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, for her support and input to the work of the Health and Wellbeing Board and wished her the best in her retirement.




Caroline Dimond to ensure that Andy Gunther is on Design Review Panel to ensure that air quality and health and wellbeing are taken into account in future planning design.