Issue - meetings


Meeting: 20/09/2023 - Council (Item 33)


To receive any communications or announcements from the Civic Mayor, the Leader of the Council, the Council’s representative on the Heart of the South West Joint Committee or the Chief Executive.


The Leader of the Council updated the Council on:


a)         the Cabinet’s decision on 19 September 2023 to launch consultation on the draft Community and Corporate Plan, which set out a strategy for health, happiness and prosperity for the community of Torbay.  The Plan covered 20 years and a separate Business Plan would be prepared covering political aspirations for the current four-year term of office.  The Leader of the Council encouraged people to respond to the consultation;


b)         the results of Residents’ Survey which was published as part of the 19 September 2023 Cabinet agenda and appended to the draft Community and Corporate Plan. The Survey included the national results provided by the Local Government Association, alongside Torbay’s results.  The Survey was also due to be published on the Council’s website; and


c)         ongoing Resident Engagement Events in the community, which would be held every two months and attended by councillors and officers.  The first Resident Engagement Event was due to be held at Paignton Library on 29 September 2023, which was also World Heart Day, and therefore the focus of the event would be the launch of Director of Public Health’s Annual Report highlighting cardiovascular health.  The Leader of the Council encouraged all councillors to attend.