The Torbay Tech jam is a monthly meetup for anyone interested in Technology, programming, hardware. We hope we can complement the new Computer science curriculum. More importantly inspire people to take an interest in being creative with both hardware and software.

The jams are a warm, informal and friendly place to meet with fellow coders / hobbyists / tinkerers / radio hams etc. with similar interests. If you like tinkering with tech then you are almost certainly welcome. If you are having problems with hardware or code it can be very helpful to have a fresh set of eyes look at the project.

As the Tech Jam is made up of people with like-minded interests, we are all working together, and have formed a team that works really well to help encourage and develop skills.

You can get involved with the Tech Jam directly or indirectly; just by attending you are invovled. Once you see what is happening then you can help others, share skills / expertise, or perhaps present a talk or presentation.

If you would like to get involved indirectly perhaps look in to signing up as a library volunteer - that way you can offer skills as, for example, a digital buddy, or perhaps run a code club; while this is not directly related to the Jam, we can cross-promote events and workshops so as to increase participation generally.

We welcome all people of all ages and would like to see what you have been building.

We have resources such as:

  • Monitors
  • Keyboards / mice
  • Raspberry Pi's
  • Wire, Breadboard, and a few electronic components for interfacing

Rooms 10,11, and 12 – Room 14 for Media Projects.

Time 1pm to 3pm

Cost Free

Age Under 18

Email paignton.library@​

Phone 01803 208321