Attendance summary

Explanation of the statistics columns

The number of meetings that the councillor was expected to attend in their capacity as member of that committee.
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in their capacity as member of that committee.
In attendance
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in a capacity other than committee member, for example a voluntary attendance out of personal interest for a topic being discussed.
Councillor Expected Present In attendance
Councillor Nicole Amil16131
Councillor Jermaine Atiya-Alla000
Councillor Jane Barnby22180
Councillor Andrew Barrand000
Councillor Neil Bent1370
Councillor Anne Brooks11114
Councillor Celia Brown000
Councillor Nick Bye17140
Councillor Christine Carter15111
Councillor Darren Cowell000
Councillor Steve Darling29251
Councillor Mandy Darling1062
Councillor Jack Dart000
Councillor Ian Doggett880
Councillor Margaret Douglas-Dunbar000
Councillor John Dudley000
Councillor Vic Ellery15122
Councillor Robert Excell14142
Councillor Hazel Foster000
Councillor Richard Haddock15133
Councillor Rick Heyse000
Councillor Ray Hill1290
Councillor Lee Howgate000
Councillor John Kavanagh000
Councillor Karen Kennedy000
Councillor Mark King1000
Councillor Mark Kingscote13120
Councillor Cordelia Law000
Councillor Barbara Lewis16141
Councillor Chris Lewis24225
Councillor Swithin Long17160
Councillor Robert Loxton000
Councillor Terry Manning1481
Councillor Derek Mills17135
Councillor Judith Mills000
Councillor Mike Morey25186
Councillor Dave Morris700
Councillor James O'Dwyer21191
Elected Mayor, Gordon Oliver15102
Councillor Julien Parrott15123
Councillor Nick Pentney23171
Councillor Chris Robson23231
Councillor Adrian Sanders1150
Councillor Jackie Stockman14112
Councillor Cindy Stocks22223
Councillor Di Stubley1281
Councillor Lynn Sykes19150
Councillor David Thomas24204
Councillor Jacqueline Thomas000
Councillor John Thomas17160
Councillor Anna Tolchard14111
Councillor Alan Tyerman27262
Councillor Thomas Winfield911