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To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 13th February


Was agreed the minutes of the meeting held on 13th February were an accurate record. Proposed by CC and seconded by LSy.


Exclusion of the Press and Public

To consider passing a resolution to exclude the press and public from the meeting prior to consideration of the following item on the agenda on the grounds that exempt information (as defined in Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended) is likely to be disclosed.


Matters Arising

o   Events update 

o   Fire extinguishers

o   Security Contract

o   Ground maintenance contract

o   Oldway Artefacts



Events update - David Watts advised that there was a meeting held on Sunday to discuss the Open Days event. There is strong community involvement. There are 74 volunteers for the April event.



Fire extinguishers - This work has been carried out by TDA.



Security Contract - No proposal has been received yet from new contractor. Stuart Left will chase this matter and the action will be carried over to the next meeting



Ground Maintenance Contract - KM advised that the contract with Tor2 is being ended from 2nd August 2019 and he advised the Working Party on a revised maintenance schedule going forward. LG advised that the Council would need to check with the requirements of the listing for the gardens to ensure that it is kept compliant. CR read out an email received from the current gardener at Oldway with his suggestions for future grounds maintenance. This has been forwarded to KM. PH will send contact for Garden History Society through to LS. ACTION - PH


PH advised that it would need to be confirmed if the grounds of Oldway will be managed by the new Trust once it is set up.



Oldway artefacts - LS advised that the list has yet to be received due to staff sickness so it will be on the agenda for the next meeting.



Nick Wheeldon attending on behalf of Red Pod Enterprises



CR introduced NW to the Working Party. KM & NW provided an update to the Working Party, following Red Pod Enterprise’s interest in Oldway and KM’s visit to their site at Ivybridge.


After long discussion it was agreed to keep the dialogue and interest with Red Pod Enterprises open for future consideration as they might well present an opportunity to form part of the solution for Oldway. In particular the use of the Rotunda had yet to be determined. NW invited the members of the Working Party to visit Red Pod Enterprises at Ivybridge and KM advised that he can arrange a visit if required. KM advised those interested in visiting to contact LS to arrange - ACTION - LS/KM



Budget Update


KM issued a budget update and went through the current figures.




Fire Safety inspection/report and works arising


KM advised that the fire risk assessment report had now been received and he provided the Working Party with an update of the works identified in the report that needed to be undertaken. DW also presented his assessment of the report and a long discussion was had over this matter.



Preparations for opens days 6th & 7th April


DW advised that the preparations are going well for the proposed open day. 74 volunteers attended a meeting on Sunday to discuss the arrangements but he believes it could be up to 104 volunteers for the actual event. In light of the fire risk assessment report a decision will need to be made by the end of this week as to whether the event can go ahead and if postponed, when will it be able to be held. ACTION - KM



Phase 1 project cost update


CR advised that the current total cost of the work is estimated at £7.1m to repair the roof, fix the dry rot and the building to be returned to a reasonable state to be used to earn income. A bid for HLF funding will be submitted. KM advised that a CIC/CIO will be set up to work on a business plan so that a proposal/offer can be taken to a meeting of the full Council for a decision to take the Oldway project forward.



Trust application date


CR advised that DCA have assisted with the completion of the paperwork for the trust application. Once the application is submitted it can take around 6 - 8 weeks to be approved. Three trustees have been identified for the application. DCA will provide a list of key skills to be used to appoint future trustees.



Any other business


CR advised that there is a list of questions and answers (FAQs) provided by DCA for help to field questions/enquiries on the open days.


DW advised that there are some works that need attention in the toilets ready for the proposed open days if they go ahead. KM advised he will speak to the TDA regarding these works. ACTION - KM/LS


KM provided CR with an email received from an individual who is interested in becoming a trustee for the new Oldway Trust/CIO.


CR provided KM with an email with suggestions for garden works at Oldway.