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Welcome to Iris Butler - New member of the Working Party


DC welcomed IB to the meeting and joining the working party.


DC asked for his thanks to be recorded for David Watts for all his support to Oldway and Paignton as a whole. 


DC introduced Anna T to the meeting as she is now a trustee of the new Oldway Trust and asked her to introduce herself. 



Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 207 KB

To agree the minutes of the last meeting held on 2nd September 2019


All agreed was an accurate record of the meeting. 



Exclusion of the Press and Public

To consider passing a resolution to exclude the press and public from the meeting prior to consideration of the following item on the agenda on the grounds that exempt information (as defined in Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended) is likely to be disclosed.


Not applicable



Matters Arising

o   Security Contract – Caretaker

o   Oldway Grounds and Gardens

o   Visit to Insole Court – confirmed date 17th January 2020



Security Contract – KM advised that the Security Contract has been terminated now.  The CCTV system is now live. There is TDA attending 3 times per week and the Council’s security team visits twice a night. The intruder alarm and fire alarm has been rectified and now all up and running. 


DC advised that he has received some contact from a member of the public who would like to explore the opportunity as a live in caretaker. KM confirmed that this could be an idea to look into but would need to speak to our insurers about this.  ACTION – KM/LS


Oldway Grounds and Gardens – TE provided an update on the work being carried out by the volunteers in the Grounds and Gardens. They have converted old tennis kiosk into a tea shed and would like to know if there is access to electricity. KM advised he will try to find out if this is possible – ACTION KM/LS.


The Working Party all passed their thanks and congratulations to TE and his volunteers.


Visit to Insole Court – confirmed date 17th Jan – DC advised that the visit has now been confirmed and the trip is funded by the Culture Board. 



Introduction of Parking Meters at Oldway


KM advised that this subject has been discussed previously in 2017. 


KM advised that this had also been discussed recently at the Council’s Parking Panel in conjunction with the Parking Strategy. The plan is to introduce parking meters into the main car park and there would be double yellow lines introduced into surrounding areas. There would be allowance for parents dropping off children to the local primary school.


There would be an initial investment cost of approximately £6000 incurred for introduction of the parking meters. 


A long discussion was had over this proposal. It was raised that the bowlers at Oldway would need to be able to park and would complain over having to pay parking charges and the introduction of yellow lines would cause complaints. The idea to provide permits to the bowlers was discussed.  KM advised that he will feed this information back to the Parking Panel.



Trust Position


DC advised the Oldway Trust application has now been submitted to be registered with the Charity Commissioners. There are 4 founding trustees nominated – Darren Cowell/Paul Hawthorne/Anna Tolchard/Chris Robson – PH will be the chair of the Trust. There is a memorandum of understanding waiting to be signed once the Trust registration has been completed.


DCA will be meeting with the Trust shortly to discuss going forward.  Then a meeting with DCA will be organised with the Working Party and the Trustees. 

DC & PH have discussed about releasing a press statement regarding the formation of the Trust next week. 


DC advised that he will ensure that DCA respond back to the Charity Commissioners email with regards to their feedback and then will await for confirmation that the Trust registration has been completed. 


KM asked the Working Party if they are all in agreement with the draft MOU from Torbay Council so that a ROD can be made – All agreed they are happy. 



Heritage Horizons Bid Update


KM advised that the Heritage Horizons bid was submitted on Friday by DCA and the application is applying for funding of £9 million. Initial response will be received within 20 working days. 


It was discussed that it could be an idea to look to open part of Oldway possibly for a café for next Summer as previously discussed.  Was agreed that would be a good idea to discuss this with DCA when they visit next month.


CM asked about whether the Trust could open a bank account so that donations can be made into as she is aware of members of the Civic Society who want to donate. Was agreed to discuss with DCA when they visit next month how this can be arranged.  



Budget Update


KM issued the latest budget update for all to view for 2019/20. 


KM provided a forecasted budget update for the new financial year 2020/21.


KM asked TE if he can provide a figure as to what budget the group would need for the gardens and ground maintenance. 



Any Other Business

Silent Voices Ghost Hunts enquiry


DC advised that we have received an enquiry from a company called Silent Voices Ghost Hunts who want to film in Oldway and possibly stay overnight in the building. Long discussion was had over this proposal and was agreed to respond to advise not currently in the position to offer this kind of opportunity at present with the condition of the building.


KM advised that if there are any proposals enquiries as to holding events in the car park then to contact him and can discuss any proposals.


DC advised that he has spoken to MG about his idea about creating a website and social media page where updates can be posted for the general public to see.  CR advised that he has reserved a website domain and some email address and has started a blank facebook page for the Trust which needs further development. MG advised that he can assist with this through his business.  DC asked MG if he could start the process of this.  ACTION – MG