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To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 10th June 2019


LSY agreed the minutes of the meeting held on 10th June 2019. JT seconded.



Exclusion of the Press and Public

To consider passing a resolution to exclude the press and public from the meeting prior to consideration of the following item on the agenda on the grounds that exempt information (as defined in Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended) is likely to be disclosed.


Not applicable         


Matters Arising

o   Security Contract

o   Health & Safety findings – update



Security Contract - KM advised that Steve Cox has attended the meeting today to provide an update on how savings can be made towards the Security Contract.


Health & Safety findings - update - KM advised that when the meeting was held last time, KM had recently received a proposal regarding closing parts of the grounds at Oldway and from feedback received since the proposal was shared, the officers have taken a second view at the grounds and the areas will not be closed off. The immediate access to the Grotto will be closed off to ensure safety of visitors. Steve Parrock commented that there is a lack of Health and Safety signage around the grotto that need to be replaced.


KM advised that the works have been commissioned for the Fire Alarm and the Intruder Alarm and there has been some electrical testing works carried out recently.





Budget update


KM issued the Budget update for discussion and ran through the key points.


KM will be working towards a working budget for 2020/2021.



Oldway Grounds and Gardens Group


DC welcomed Tim Eley to the meeting and asked him to update the Working Party. TE advised that he met with Neil Coish who has asked him to coordinate and lead the volunteer groups for Oldway. TE advised that looking at setting up a group such as Friends of Oldway Gardens Group to work with Friends of Oldway Group to maintain the gardens and grounds of Oldway. Has also been given the go ahead to utilise the gardens for sustainable plant project similar to what he has been carrying out at Occombe. TE then provided an update on his history of gardening within the Bay. TE advised that he has a lot of suitable plants that can be planted in September and has tentative plans for where these should go.


When the group is set up it will form a committee and will operate under the Community Partnership Insurance. TE has the health & safety and risk assessment paperwork already in place that can be adapted to Oldway.


TE advised that he will be looking into different fundraising opportunities once the Friends of Oldway Gardens Group is set up.


DC commented that until the Friends of Oldway Gardens group is set up it is possible that TE can operate under the Torbay Community Partnership Group.


KM thanked TE for attending the meeting today. The contract for Tor2 is due to end on 2nd August. KM advised that currently there is a TUPE discussion underway with Tor2 in respect of the gardeners. The matter has yet to be resolved. KM asked TE to place his process on hold until the Tor2 TUPE dispute has been resolved but thanked him for his support and the very kind offer to step in.


CM commented that Torbay Civic Society has concerns over the gardens at Oldway and they have created an account to be used for fundraising for the gardens at Oldway.


SL commented that communication should be issued when possible to advise the general public of what is happening as he has been receiving communications from members of the public asking what is happening.


CR commented that the Friends of Oldway Group have received some offers from Mayfield and Oldway Primary Schools to be involved with the gardens.


The Working Party all agreed that they were supportive of officers working with TE - proposed by SL and seconded by MG.



Future composition of the Working Party


DC advised that the Working Party was set up by the Council a few years ago and since he has become the Chairman, he has started to think about changing the name of the working party, broadening the working party membership and look at the existing members to change who sits on the working party.


The Working Party agreed to invite the Paignton Preservation Society to join the Working Party - LSy proposed and SL seconded. There was a discussion to invite the Friends of Oldway Grounds group once set up to join. SL suggested inviting Adrian Sanders to join.




Future Oldway Trust


KM advised that it wasn’t appropriate to sign a Memorandum of Understanding prior to the local elections in May. However, the new Administration is supportive of a new Trust. Since then KM and Anne-Marie Bond have drafted a revised format of the MOU which was sent to the Working Party for their attention today. KM advised that once the MOU is agreed the Council would be happy for the Oldway Trust to be set up to support the future of Oldway.


CR commented that the Working Party needs to decide on the three names for the Oldway Trust so that the application can be submitted for the Trust to be set up. CR advised that DCA offered to work out a skills matrix for the Trust to be put out to the public for applications.


A long discussion was had over this and how the Trust would be set up.


CR commented that DCA can provide documents with regards to the constitution of a new Oldway Trust.


PH commented that there has been some discussions at recent meetings by Friends of Oldway and Paignton Heritage Society that as nothing has happened and the Trust is not going to be set up. DC commented that in the last few months there has been a local election and a new Administration set up for the Council and confirmed that Oldway is a priority for the new Administration.


DC commented that once some more information has been provided by DCA on the governance of the Trust, that he would like to work with Tracy Cabache from Community Partnerships to assist with facilitating the setting up. KM commented that once the information is provided by DCA, he can distribute to the Working Party.


KM confirmed that himself and DC will discuss the issue of the governance of the Trust with DCA at a meeting to be held this week.



Any Other Business


KM advised that he has met with HLF recently to discuss their new approach to funding and since then it has been agreed by officers and the new Administration that a Torre Abbey HLF bid will be submitted shortly. HLF have advised however that there is a new fund that can be applied for which is called Heritage Horizons, however there is a large capital contribution required to be made by the Council for the application to be submitted. KM advised that a decision will be made shortly between himself and DC as to whether an application should be submitted. If an application is not submitted for this funding, then there could be an application submitted next year for Oldway via the routine HLF route.


CR asked that when meeting with DCA could the discussion be had over other types of funding that can be applied for and setting the Trust up as soon as possible.


KM & DC will speak with Neil Richardson from DCA to get some dates to visit Insole Court. MG commented that Martin Thomas from Culture Board has advised that there is funding available for hiring a mini bus to take the working party there.  ACTION – KM/LS