Torbay Youth Justice Service (previously known as a YOT or a youth offending team) works with children aged 10 to 17 years old who have been arrested, charged or sentenced for offences or who are at risk committing crime.

We are a team of professionals from Children's Services, Education, Police, Probation and NHS Devon ICB, working together to prevent children and young people from offending or re-offending and promoting safe communities.

We will:

  • Work with the child and their family to understand what has led to the offending behaviour and agree what we can do to help create change.
  • Build on the strengths and positives in the young person’s and their family’s life.
  • Complete an assessment of various aspects of the young person’s life including their family situation, education, health, attitudes and any previous criminal history.
  • Provide access to specialist services for example:
    • Substance Misuse Worker
    • Education Worker
    • Specialist Mental Health Worker
    • Family Therapist
    • Parenting Worker
  • Endeavour to empower young people to make better choices.
  • Support victims of crime and offer them opportunities to engage in restorative justice
  • Work with young people to help them explore the impact of their actions for themselves, their victims and local communities.

Read the Youth Justice Service Plan