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This consultation is closed. The final date for feedback was Thursday 5 May 2022

The Strand and harbourside in Torquay are one of the key locations in the town centre, and it is important that this area is seen as an attractive location.

We purchased the site in 2020 as part of our plans to regenerate Torquay’s town centre and help boost the local economy.

Viability and feasibility studies were undertaken between February 2020 and June 2021 to explore future options and uses for the site.

The studies explored both remodel and rebuild options and different uses for the site.

With the dramatic fall in demand for retail space, options such as converting the building for hotel, residential and events space were explored.

These options were not considered viable due to the costs associated with remodelling, the constrained nature of the site and low rental values for alternative uses.

As part of the process to establish the best future use of the site, the following was also considered:

  • Feedback from the community and key stakeholders
  • Discussions with English Heritage
  • Preparing a detailed Statement of Heritage Significance to inform the design process

Exciting plans have now been developed to create an intimate south facing square with elevated views of the Harbour. The square, surrounded by new cafes, and restaurants will play host to a vibrant café culture, celebrate the character of the area and create new town centre living opportunities.

The long-term vision for the site is to create a space that:

  • Is the vibrant place to go
  • Is high-quality and modern
  • Offers employment opportunities
  • Provides new town centre living opportunities

The redevelopment proposals will also complement, and enhance wider harbour public realm works which are due to commence later in the spring.

Why are we doing this?

The existing building is not fit for purpose and does not comply with current building standards, including environmental performance and safety.

Outline of proposals

It is intended that the current building be demolished, and a new scheme is built. The proposal is for:

Ground floor

  • 4 leisure retail units providing approximately 450m2 of business space in addition to external seating.

Residential floors

  • 16 residential units over 4 floors, each consisting of 2-bedrooms.

Top floor

  • 16 residential car parking spaces each with electric vehicle charging points. Parking is accessed from the Terrace.

Artist impression images below by Kay Elliot Architecture

  • Image 1 - Massing Diagram
  • Image 2 - Courtyard view
  • Image 3 - Street view

Are you removing the canopy?

The plan is to resurrect the tree line which dates back to the development of Torquay as a tourist destination and predates the canopy. Following advice from Historic England, we believe this is more in keeping with the harbour and will create a better environment. As the bus stop is moving there is no need for a shelter in this location, so we can open up this area along the Strand. Some features of the canopies, the iron work and Victorian styling will be retained in the new buildings, which will be reminiscent of what came before.

Why can’t we encourage a new Department store?

Town centres are changing, large scale retail units are no longer viable. Travel costs and shopping online are some of the factors that make that so. Instead, progressive towns have the opportunity to include more town centre living, space for events, smaller retailers and mixed used opportunities. Combined these make attractive places to visit and spend time, as well as to live and invest.

View the plans
12 - 14 The Strand Web Information Pack

We now want to know your thoughts on the proposals.

How you can have your say

The consultation closed on Thursday 5 May 2022.

Next steps

We will look at all the feedback we have received and consider it during the final stage prior to submitting a planning application.

A planning application will be submitted from late May onwards, with a decision expected in the autumn.