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Education, Health and Care Plan Feedback

Help us improve how we do things

To help us make sure that our SEN Officers and Education, Health and Care Plans are meeting the needs of children young people with Special Educational Needs and /or a Disability, please could you take a moment to complete this feedback form.
Q1 Please let us know if you are giving feedback on:

My / My Child’s Education, Health & Care Plan

Q2 My views were adequately reflected in the Education, Health and Care Plan / Annual Review
Q3 All the professionals that I wanted to contribute to the plan, did so
Q4 All the professionals that contributed gave detailed and up to date information
  Strongly agree   Agree   Neither agree nor disagree   Disagree   Strongly disagree  
  All Educational Professionals          

  All Health Professionals          

  All Social Care Professionals          
Q5 The plan that is in place will effectively meet my / my child’s special educational needs

The Help I Received

Q6 The process was clearly explained to me from start to finish
Q7 I was given information about who I could talk to if I had concerns throughout the process
Q8 I was made aware that I can get independent information, advice and support from SENDIASS Torbay any time I need it
If you need to contact the SEND Team please call  us  on 01803 208274
Data Protection: The information you provide on this questionnaire will be processed by Torbay Council in accordance with the Data Protection Act, 1998. Your responses will be stored electronically and will be only used to assist in the analysis of opinion, and will not be retained for longer than necessary. If you have chosen to provide your contact details, you will only be contacted by Torbay Council for the purpose stated in the questionnaire. By giving us your personal data, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this statement. If you wish to access your personal information at any time please contact the Information Compliance Team on 01803 201201.

Thank you for giving us your feedback

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