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Childcare Consultation 2019

This survey is to find out from Torbay resident parents and carers what their experiences and needs are in relation to childcare. The information you provide will be used to inform our Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2019. It will also help us plan to make sure there are enough high quality childcare places at the times and in the areas that families need them.

We estimate that this survey will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. The survey will close on

All of your answers will remain confidential and you will not be identified in any way in the reporting and use of this survey.

If you would like help completing this survey, or would like a copy of the survey in a different language or format, please contact us on 01803 207895.

Q2 Do you have children aged under 5?  
Q3 Do you have a child with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND)?
Q4 Do you consider yourself to be living in a ‘working household’?
(a working household is where each of the parent(s) work at least 16 hours a week)
Q5 Does your child attend an early years provider (nursery, pre-school, childminder etc)?
Q6 How did you find your chosen provider?
Please select from the following:
Q7 Do you require childcare to enable you to work?
Q9 Was it easy to find your child a place in an early years provider?
Q10 For your child with SEND was it easy to find your child a place in an early years provider?
Q11 Were you able to access the days and times that you wanted?
Q12 Which type of provider have you chosen for your child to attend?
Q13 Do you access any funding for your child’s place in nursery?
Q13a If you just answered yes, which funding do you access?
Q14 Do you use employer childcare vouchers?
Q15 Do you use Tax Free Childcare?
Q16 Do you receive the childcare element of Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit?
Q17 Do you pay your early years provider any extra charges for food, nappies or any other ‘extras’?
Q18 How affordable do you find the provision you pay for?
Q19 Do you use or require holiday childcare for children aged over 5 years old?
Q19a If just answered yes, did you find it easy to locate suitable holiday childcare?

For details of the help available with childcare costs for parents and the funding entitlements children can access, please visit www.childcarechoices.gov.uk or telephone Torbay Family Information Service on 0800 328 5974.  

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
Please press SUBMIT below to send us your responses by Friday 24 May 2019

Data Protection: The information you provide on this form will be processed by the Policy, Performance and Review Team, Torbay Council in accordance with the Data Protection Act, 1998.  Your responses will be stored in a secure electronic database, they will only be used to assist in the analysis of opinion, and will not be retained for longer than necessary. It may also be disclosed to other departments within the Council for such purposes.   By giving us your personal data, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Data Privacy statement, and that you agree that Torbay Council may process personal data relating to you for the purposes detailed above, and in accordance with all applicable legislation. If you wish to access your personal information at any time please contact the Information Compliance Team on 01803 207412.

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