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Adult Social Care Eligibility Criteria

As the population gets older the pressure on the Adult Social Care system increases, therefore we need to review how  these services are delivered.  Torbay Council need to ensure that individuals are receiving services which are appropriate and meet their needs.
The council is seeking your views on the Draft Eligibility Policy for Adult Social Care.  Under The Care Act 2014, local authorities were given new functions to ensure that people living in this area;
· Receive services that prevent their care needs from becoming more serious or delay the impact of their need
· Can get the information and advice they need to make good decisions about care and support
· Have a range of high quality, appropriate services to choose from
To achieve this we must;
· Use the national eligibility criteria to determine an individual’s eligible needs
· Focus on the best outcomes for an individual
Alongside the requirements of The Care Act, the council, hospital and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are all committed to delivering the new model of care. This model emphasises well-being and prevention. It focuses on what people can do for themselves and what support they have around them to promote resilience and prevent or reduce the need for statutory intervention.
We appreciate and understand that a change in eligibility policy may cause some uncertainty and anxiety for existing service users, this consultation seeks your views on the principles of the policy rather than the detail of the assessment criteria.  At this stage, it will be difficult to say how this policy will affect the services an individual receives.  However, we will ensure that we work with individuals and their families / carers when we carry out assessments and / or reviews to ensure that individuals receive the right service, at the right times for their needs.
The closing date for this consultation is 9 Febuary 2018
Q1 Have you read the Draft Eligibility Policy? (To read the Draft Eligibility Policy click this link)
Q2 Are you a (please tick all that apply)
Q3 Do you support the overall principle of this policy, to reshape how we assess a person’s needs by considering what people can do for themselves and the support that is available around them?
Q4 How strongly do you agree with each of the following proposed range of assessment factors?
  Strongly agree   Agree   Neither agree nor disagree   Disagree   Strongly disagree  
  Understanding what each person’s goals are and what they need in order to achieve them          

  Action available to each person to reduce the need for assistance (self-help)          

  Access to and availability of universal services and community resources such as funded voluntary sector services, housing related support and community groups (considering what is available that could prevent, meet or reduce the needs that are not eligible)          

  The contribution willingly made by family carers and informal support          

  The contribution of Reablement and Intermediate Care Services (reducing or removing the need for long-term care and support)          

About You

These questions help us to understand the opinions of different groups of people.
Q9 Are you;
Q10 Which of the following age groups applies to you?
Q11 Do you consider yourself to be disabled in any way?
Q11a If yes, please tell us how it affects you.
Q12 How would you describe your ethnic origin?

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