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0-19 Children & Young People’s Services

Why do we want to change these services?
We want to give our children and young people the best possible start in life. We know that despite the range of services provided in Torbay, outcomes for children and young people are not improving as much as we would like to see. In Torbay there are:
· High levels of child poverty
· High levels of child protection cases and children in care
· High levels of smoking in pregnancy
· Low breastfeeding rates
· High levels of dental decay requiring hospital admission
· High levels of hospital admissions for young people for alcohol and substance misuse
· High levels of hospital admissions caused by injuries for children and young people
· High levels of hospital admissions for mental health conditions and as a result of self-harm
People in the community have had many great things to say about the range of services we currently provide and the value they hold in being able to access information, advice and support. We know that for many the support received has really made a difference to service users and their families’ lives.

Previous consultation and feedback highlighted that the current configuration of services can sometimes be confusing, resulting in some people being unaware of the support that is available to them, or where to go to access support. We have heard from young people and parents that they find it frustrating having to tell their ‘story’ multiple times to different people to get the help they want.

Sometimes, people who have used services have said that while their immediate problems have been dealt with, they have been left feeling frustrated that the underlying causes of those problems have not. This can lead to them returning to different services multiple times.
There is an opportunity in Torbay to bring together some of our services that support children and young people from before they are born to the age of 19. We are confident that we can do this but it means working smarter. It means joining services together so that people accessing them are understood and can make the decisions that are right for their family.
  Are you completing this survey as
  When did you last have contact with services in reation to yourself or your child?
  Which services have you have contact with in the last 3 years? Please tick all that apply
  If you work in one of the services affected by this proposal please tell us which team you work within?
  If you work for a related service please tell us the type of service you work for?
  Have you read our Commissioning Plan that explains the proposal for the future of 0-19 Services?
  Do you think the Draft Proposed Priorities within the Commissioning Plan will make it easier or harder for service users to receive the right support?
  How strongly do you agree with the proposal to group 0-19 children and young people’s services into one contract which is delivered from Family Hubs?
  What do you think are the top three benefits of the proposal to group these services and create Family Hubs?

  I don't know what benefits there are.  

  I don’t think there are any benefits.  
  What do you think are the top three risks/concerns with the proposal to group these services and create Family Hubs?

  I don't know what risks/concerns there are.  

  I don’t think there are any risks/concerns.  
  Please rate our eight priorities in order, with number one being the most important to you: Please use each number once only.
  From the list below, which do you think we should look at when considering possible service providers? Please tick all that apply
These questions help us to understand the opinions of different groups of people and how our services are used across Torbay.
  Which of the following age groups applies to you?

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