Torbay’s SEND Newsletters are produced approximately twice a year and provide success stories, a broad overview of developments across the local area and statistical updates.

Torbay SEND Reforms - Newsletter 13
Cordelia Law, Member for Children’s Services; Message from SEN Team; Torbay SEN Requests for Statutory Assessment (RSA); Education, Health and Care Assessment Feedback; Torbay Educational Psychology; Local Offer; SEN Capital funding update; Supporting Young People with SEN during Covid home learning; Online Portage sessions keeping children happy and connected; Early years advisory teacher for SEND; Post 16 update; SEND Monitoring Team; Designated Officers SEND; Health Storyboards; Useful Links
Torbay SEND Reforms - Newsletter 12
Sharon Matson, Devon CGG; Cordelia Law, Member for Children’s Services; SEN Statistics; Capital Funding; EHCP Feedback; Designated SEND Officers, NHS; Elective Home Education; Portage Award; Your Views Required; Autism Update; Useful Links.
Torbay SEND Reforms - Newsletter 11
Includes: Rachael Williams, Assistant Director Education, Learning and Skills; SEN Statistics; Local Offer updates; SENCO Survey Response; Local Area Evaluation of Strengths and Challenges; Self-assessment Storyboards; Valuing the Pupil’s Voice - Sam Keegan, Deputy Head Mayfield; Torbay SEND Hub CIC; Executive Lead Children; Post 16 Successes - Mike Lock, Combe Pafford Headteacher; Asthma Survey; Early Identification Pathway.
Torbay SEND Reforms - Newsletter 10
Includes: Director of Children’s Services, Torbay SEN Team, Local Offer, EHC plan Questionnaire Results, Local Area Achievements, Torbay Parent Carer Forum, Co-Production, Changes to EHC plan, Assessment, SEN Support in School, Preparing for Adulthood, Local Area Self Evaluation, SEN Capital Fund Consultation.
Torbay SEND Reforms - Newsletter 9
Includes ‘Raising post 16 aspirations’ and ‘gaining the child’s voice in Annual Reviews’, plus SEN statistics and key priorities for SEN in Torbay.
Torbay SEND Reforms - Newsletter 7
Includes SEN team statistics, sENCOs view, local Offer, parents forum news
Torbay SEND Reforms – Newsletter 6
Includes updates on Early Years, SEN, Local Offer Survey, Parents Forum, Transitions, Personal Budgets, Mental Capacity, Adults Learning Disability, SENDIASS, New Literature, Early Help.
Torbay SEND Reforms - Newsletter 5
Includes an update on the Local Offer, conversions from statements to EHCPs, Mental Capacity Act training and Personal Budgets.
Torbay SEND Reforms - Newsletter 4
Includes an update on Information Advice and Guidance, Local Offer, EHCP conversions process, SEND Panel and Information sharing.
Torbay SEND Reforms - Newsletter 3
This document covers what's changing and what's staying the same, education, health and care plan, personal budgets, post 16 criteria, the local offer and what's happened since March.
Torbay SEND Reforms – Newsletter 2
Overview of the preparations that are in progress for the SEND reforms which come into effect in September 2014.
Torbay SEND Reforms – Newsletter 1
From September 2014, there will be a new process for supporting children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability. This document provides information on what's changing, who it affects and how to prepare.

We are continually evaluating our working practices for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in Torbay.  From 2016, we have worked with partners to produce a range of storyboards to assist in keeping track of the developments.  If you would like further information on any of the storyboards listed below, please contact

Austistic Spectrum Disorder waiting lists
Improvements in autism assessment
Autism in Torbay
The support for children and young people with autism in Torbay - Updated January 2019
CAMHS Paediatric triage
Young people and families were experiencing ‘start again’ situation on referral to one team when known to the other
Children’s Learning Disability Service
How Children’s Learning Disability Nurses work within the multi-professional arena to support CYP and SEND
Children’s multi-disciplinary hub
Alerting health teams of which other services are engaged in supporting a child
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Development of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) workshop for young people.
Clinical pathway for children with sensory needs
Development of new clinical pathway for children with an identified Sensory Processing need.
Consultation and Co-production
Working with parent and carer representatives to implement the SEND reforms and improve the support that the team can offer.
Early Support
Co-ordinating the identification of Early Years children with SEND and the Early Support offered to families prior to entering school Reception.
Early Years - Sept 14 – May 17
Ensuring that practitioners in Early Years Settings in Torbay are confident in implementing the SEND Code of Practice in order to identify and meet the needs of young children with SEND, prior to them starting a school placement.
Early Years - Activity Led Funding
Improving the process for accessing activity led funding - new Feb 19
Early Years - Targeted Intervention
Targeted interventions training for providers to support children's learning and development - new Feb 19
Educational Psychology Service
Educational Psychology and the SEND Reforms in Torbay.
EHCP – Assessment and Plan
Information on our Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and Education, Health and Care Assessment Process.
EHCP Decision Making
SEND Code of Practice - Collaboration between education, health and social care services to provide support.
South Devon and Torbay CCG have been keen to support the implementation of the SEND reforms and become involved in EHCP processes.
Independent Supporters
Information on how we will be supporting parents and carers and young people.
Information, Advice and Support
The development of Special Educational Needs Information Advices and Support Services within Torbay.
The Local Offer
Working to develop the local offer in Torbay – New Mar 19
Post diagnostic support for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Parents can struggle to understand their child's diagnosis of Autism Spectrum disorder and report needing greater support from professionals in this respect
Personal SEN Budgets
Torbay’s approach to implementing Personal SEN Budgets as part of the SEND Reforms. New – Feb 19
Single point of contact for Child Health Devon for EHC assessments
Development of a single point of contact for new EHC requests to Child Health Devon
Sign Language Classes
Access to local lessons in British Sign Language for parents - updated 19 January 2019.
Speech and language therapy pathway
Improving access to speech and langue for children with SEND
Support for Parents and Carers in Statutory Assessment Process
How the Torbay SEN Team supports parents and carers as part of the EHCP assessment process.
Supporting Schools to Implement the SEND Reforms
How the SEN Team has worked with Schools to implement the SEND Reforms in Torbay.
Torbay Portage Service - Parent - Training
Joint training with Health and Children Centre colleagues. New - Feb 19