The Consultation Approach

We operate through a consultation model of service delivery. A consultation meeting is a problem-solving meeting which values the knowledge and skills of everyone present. These are also the people that know the child well. Through this meeting the child’s strengths are celebrated, concerns are shared and plans to promote the best way forward are devised. Actions are agreed by everyone to create a positive change.

This means that after initial discussions with parents/teachers and possible assessment work with a child any interventions/recommended courses of action are usually undertaken, not by us, but by someone close to the child such as the child’s teacher, a member of the school support staff or the parents.

We provide the advice, support and training to assist:

  • Parents of both primary and secondary-age children.
  • Schools and parents of pupils with Special Educational Needs when those children are due to transfer to secondary school.
  • Looked after children attending school in Torbay.
  • Schools regarding pupils who may be at risk of an exclusion as well as those returning after an exclusion.
  • Children who are receiving ‘Education other than at school’, for instance those pupils attending a ‘Assessment Centre’
  • The in depth assessments and written advice required for children undergoing Statutory Assessment.

We also deliver and support:

  • INSET opportunities for teachers, other professional colleagues, governors and parents.
  • Other courses, forums, and an annual conference for Special Educational Needs Coordinator' s (SENCO’s) to promote their continued professional development